10 reasons this will be the best WA Showcase ever

If you need a reason at attend WA Showcase 2020, here are ten.

  1. We will provide the largest number of international speakers yet assembled
  2. The best chance of your life to  learn about speaking to government from the brilliant Dee Madigan
  3. Dr Bob Harlow shares his biggest secrets of his success in turning arts organisations around
  4. UK Audience Development Whizz Heather Maitland shows us how to cut through the crap in research and find the gold
  5. Last year there was presenter interest in touring 20 of producers who pitched, this year we expect to get more shows on the road  
  6. There is a new pitch category to let presenters  and producers get up close and personal to talk about work in development
  7. We have a new conference central  – the sparkly new Doubletree Hilton in downtown Northbridge and it looks like our biggest hotel group ever for apres conference gatherings
  8. We are going find a new way to show the rest of Australia and the world the absolute brilliant value of performing arts
  9. Marianna Adams from the USA will provide A model of audience development that can be used by any organisation no matter what
  10. And a night off for a change – but only if you are very good and attend everything no matter how full your brain

For more go to http://www.showcasewa.com.au/