What keeps non-theatre goers away?

Despite a national survey which says 41% of the adult population, or nearly 700,000 Western Australians attended theatre in the past year, like most I have sat cringing for artists of great work performing in barely populated theatres. CircuitWest’s recent research around Western Australia led to talking to people from all walks of life and… More

Are we conquered by being divided?

The Major Performing Arts (MPA) Framework Review has certainly sent a shockwave through the sector as a whole and opened up new avenues for debate and comment. It would seem that this latest consultation appears to have opened a wound that threatens to turn the sector against itself. I think we are missing something deep… More

WA Introduces the Performing Arts Pinnacle Awards

Today CircuitWest introduced new Western Australian performing arts awards – The Western Australian Presenter of the Year and The Western Australian Producer of the Year. These awards will be known as The Pinnacle Awards. According to Executive Director Ryan Taaffe there is widespread support for WA specific performing arts industry gongs, especially as so many… More