Are your customers mysteriously disappearing?

Why databases are shrinking at an alarming rate – and how to fix it. Customer ticketing/email data is essential to the success of performing arts. Email is one of the top 2 marketing channels used by performing arts audiences across WA(The Search For Audiences 2019). However, most in the industry are seeing an alarming  difference… More

New resource – Audience engagement strategies

A Guide to Blowing  Up Your Paint Box If you have ever been made to walk like a penguin at a serious arts conference and it was more fun than the free sundowner, engage here. Lindsey Buller Maliekel raised the bar on audience engagement at WA Showcase 2018 and by 2019 with her co-speaker WT… More

Arts = Change – But How Do We Change ?

  NOW THE WORLD DON’T MOVE TO THE BEAT OF JUST ONE DRUM, WHAT MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR YOU MAY NOT BE RIGHT FOR SOME” OR “THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING” Both of these Pop Culture references could be part of a theme song for how the face of our business of performing arts… More