After the Showcase Pitching Is Over

WA Showcase is a highlight of the WA Performing Arts calendar as the event where WA producers of performing arts get the opportunity to show their work and look for opportunities to take it to new levels and new places.

CircuitWest exists to grow and generate arts experiences that connect, enrich and enliven people and communities. It offers a unique opportunity to pitch work to a large number of presenters from across WA and meet them face-to-face.  It also gives the chance for producers to tell their stories, talk about their work, and share why it is an important experience for regional communities.

In 2019, there was an astounding 68 submissions received to pitch, of which

36 were chosen by the curatorial panel. Submissions were scored on diversity, quality, experience of the producer, tour readiness and feasibility.

So, you have pitched at showcase – what next?

After the event, CircuitWest sent a survey to the presenters in the room and even those who didn’t attend, to see what they are interested in pursuing to present in their venues. This doesn’t commit them to a tour. It shows they want to engage in a further conversation about the work, to see how it might work in that community.

CircuitWest then connects the producers to the presenters, so they can continue the conversation, and explore presentation or touring opportunties.

For those looking to build a tour

After pitching and meeting presenters face to face, it’s a great idea to follow up with the people you met with an email to say, “nice to meet you” and provide any links or information you might have promised or mentioned. It’s a friendly reminder of who you are and what you can offer.

Keep in mind, people will express interest in work based on a number of factors – not just because they liked it. Presenters take into account their community, the other things they have programmed, when a tour is available, technical requirements and cost.

It’s important to start to connect the dots as to why your show might be a good fit to tour to a  community. Listening to what is shared about communities and venues is crucial! Producers are advised to connect with presenters and find out more: Why they were interested in programming your work?; Who are they hoping to engage?; What community or social needs exist?

You can then start to work with venues over time to agree on dates and this allows the setting of costs. CircuitWest has a fantastic resource available to guide you through this next step – click here to see the budget resource.

If a tour doesn’t not eventuate this time, it’s important to keep in mind it’s not personal and there are a number of factors to deciding what is programmed and when. Stay positive! You may be able to present this, or another work of yours in the future.

The CircuitWest team has worked hard to grow WA Showcase to give WA audiences more opportunities to see WA artists. Keep in mind that pitching is the start, and this has seen a great many tours of WA work, but there are a number of steps in the journey.

We’ll do all we can to help you along the way.

Rebecca Nelson
Tour Coordinator