CircuitWest Announces Naming Rights JBL PROFESSIONAL & ADAMSON TECHWEST



Today, CircuitWest announced a first, with a 3-year  partnership signed with  CMI Music & Audio for  naming rights for what will now be called JBL Professional  & Adamson Techwest.

TechWest is WA’s peak network of performing arts and theatre technicians that culminates in a 2-day annual conference.

CMI Music & Audio is one of the markets leading value-added distribution and marketing company of music technology, professional audio and musical instrument product that supplies the best of global music gear brands.

According to CircuitWest Executive Director Ryan Taaffe the two organisations have had a relationship for some time, and it had sought CMI Music and Audio for Techwest due to its leadership in the sound marketplace.

“CircuitWest knows the industry has considerable respect for CMI Music and Audio because of its expertise and experience across diverse venues. Often technical sound specialists focus on the live music industry, and whilst this is important, it is often quite different to performing arts.”

“On Behalf of the board I want to thank for CMI Music and Audio for this great commitment to performing arts, as we look forward the working together on a new and existing JBL Professional  & Adamson Techwest.”

The partnership involves a range of benefits to the industry, including professional development and ongoing support.

According to Corey Sleeman, National Manager of the Audio Solutions Division at CMI Music and Audio ” We are excited to support the Western Australian performing arts industry and CircuitWest in this 3-year partnership, at CMI we are keen to see the JBL Professional  & Adamson Techwest become a flagship event for the technical performing arts industry.”

“We represent a range of carefully chosen brands across diverse markets, and offer a large range of solutions from the smallest scale to the largest concerts and venues, to have this opportunity to provide ongoing education, support and advice will really have a meaningful impact to the CircuitWest members and the Industry as a whole” he said.

JBL Professional  & Adamson Techwest will cover many aspects of the challenges for  technical  teams, as well as new thinking, skills and equipment.  Technical teams from across the vast state of WA to come together, network and listen to experts discuss matters relevant to the industry..

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