APACA Conference and Performing Arts Exchange: Sydney 29th August 2016

APACA’s 30th annual performing arts conference brings together members, colleagues, policy makers, international, national and local key speakers to provoke, explore and debate how we support and build our sector and our professional creative practices.

What is the new normal? Is change the new constant? After a year of upheaval and uncertainty in the arts industry the 2016 APACA conference will explore ways in which we can be agile, resilient and responsive both in our work environment and in the broader cultural landscape.

We’ll explore a range of issues on social entrepreneurship, buyer behaviour, audience research, programming and strategies for managing and adapting to change. We’ll continue to support indigenous work and reflect on outcomes of the Australia Council’s research into the presentation of indigenous work.

The APACA conference brings together hundreds of Australia’s arts practitioners to provide professional development. The PAX is a place for discussing and pitching shows and performing arts projects and concepts in development. Excerpts, curated conversations, and of course pitches allow producers and presenters to exchange information and create the relationships to form the basis for future touring partnerships.

Networking and touring information sessions makes PAX suitable for all performing arts sector participants. 

Collectively these two events provide networking opportunities that are essential for a sector that is spread broadly throughout Australia and rarely connects face to face.


APACA’s 30th annual performing arts conference and Performing Arts Exchange [PAX] will take place in Melbourne 29 August to 1 September 2016.

Click here for more information: http://www.apaca.com.au/conference-material/conference/