Wieland is actually a brand name, but it refers to the multi-pole connecter used for both motor cables and multi-cored power cables.

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Soco Headers

Socapex lighting headers normally have 6 female 10amp power sockets at one end converging in to a male socapex connector at the other end. The headers split the power out of the soco power multi-cored cable so that the lighting can be plugged into separate power channels. Each female socket will have its own number starting from 1 and ending at 6 to distinguish the 6 power channels.

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Soco Tails

Socapex lighting tails normally have 6x 10amp plugs at one end converging into a female socapex connector at the other end.  Tails are normally plugged into a channel on a lighting dimmer. Each 10amp plug will have its own number starting from 1 and ending at 6 to assist in distinguishing channels.

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Soco (Socoplex)

A Soco or Socapex cable refers to a cable that has Socapex connectors on its ends.

In lighting, Socapex are used for power cables. The connector is normally attached to a multi-cored power cable that can carry 6 channels of power.

Socapex connectors are also used for audio multi-cores.

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Tri Nut

The bolt that tightens a G-Clamp to a bar. Often called Tri Nut because many have a triangular plastic grip.

Tri Nut

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Wash lighting. Stage lighting focused on stage not in a specific spot, but more as a general lighting over an area. Several areas may be combined and balanced to effect an even light over the whole acting area.

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A metal frame used to hang lanterns from. Comes in three main designs – flat, box, and tri – which describe the shape created by the frame. By virtue of their construction trusses are very strong and able to carry extremely heavy loads. Most truss is now made of aluminium for weight reasons and sections can be bolted together to produce long pieces. Used extensively in concert production to form the ‘roof’ over the stage from which to hang everything from lanterns to speakers.

Tri Truss (it is named is derived from its triangular shape)

Box Truss (truss with a square shape)

Circular Box Truss


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A rigging stand that sits on the floor that can lift a bar of lights up to a certain height. Also known as ‘winch ups’ due to the fact the stand is usually telescoped up by operating a hand winch attached to the side of the tree.

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