Soco (Socoplex)

A Soco or Socapex cable refers to a cable that has Socapex connectors on its ends.

In lighting, Socapex are used for power cables. The connector is normally attached to a multi-cored power cable that can carry 6 channels of power.

Socapex connectors are also used for audio multi-cores.

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Abbreviation for Audio.

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Tri Nut

The bolt that tightens a G-Clamp to a bar. Often called Tri Nut because many have a triangular plastic grip.

Tri Nut

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Highs (Top End)

The highest part of the audible audio frequency spectrum.

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The frequencies at the middle of the audible audio frequency spectrum.

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Active Speaker

A speaker that has a built-in amplifier. The back of an active speaker uses XLR cables. It also requires IEC cables for power.

Back of an active speaker

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Passive Speaker

A speaker that requires an external amplifier in order to produce sound.

Back of a passive speaker. You can see the 2 ports for the Speakon connectors.

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The part of a sound system that produces the actual sound that a person hears. The sound is produced by the vibration of a paper or synthetic cone by an electrical voltage in a wire coil.

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