Distribution Board

The electrical panel where incoming mains power is split into individual circuits, via circuit breakers, for distribution through a building.

DB Board

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The signal that initiates a change of any kind during a performance.

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Loose term covering all those who work on a show backstage.

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The process of moving all of a company’s equipment in/out of a theatre. This includes scenery, props, lanterns, costumes and so on.

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1) What an actor does.

2) Segments of a performance, usually separated by an interval. So the first part is Act 1, the second Act 2, and so on.

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A length of stage flooring that can be drawn off sideways leaving a long narrow opening(cut) through which a cloth or flat may be raised. A runner is also the name given to a length of carpet used offstage to reduce back stage noise.

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Proscenium Stage

Proscenium stage got its name from a large arch, the proscenium arch, through which the audience viewed the performance. Many modern proscenium stages no longer have the arch. A proscenium stage nowadays refers to a stage where the audience directly faces the stage and views only one side of the scene.

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Pit (Orchestra Pit)

The area below the front of the stage. May be used to house the orchestra. Also called the Orchestra Pit.


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