Hazard Tape (Danger Tape)

Strips of striped gaff tape (normally black and yellow) that is used to bring attention to a potential hazzard especially in low light conditions. Commonly used on steps and protruding tripod legs etc.

White gaff tape is also commonly used to draw attention to potential hazards.


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DMX 3 Pin

This uses a 3 pin XLR connector… the same as in the audio field. Please note: the voltage of audio and lighting equipment is different. Connecting an audio device into a lighting device (or vice versa) via a 3pin XLR will cause equipment damage.


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DMX 5 Pin

DMX was developed using a 5 pin XLR connector. Many manufactures also use a standard 3 pin XLR on their devices.

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Dynamic Range

The range of an audio signal from its lowest to highest level.

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Dry Ice

Frozen blocks or pellets of carbon dioxide – when placed in hot water melt to produce a mist which, because it is heavier then air, will hang close to the floor.

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Draw Line

Operating cord of a set of traversing curtains.

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Double Handling

Moving scenery or equipment more than necessary because it was not correctly positioned in the first place.

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Another term for Follow Spot. (Known as a Dome because often that was where the lantern and its operator were situated, in the dome in the auditorium).

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