Hazard Tape (Danger Tape)

Strips of striped gaff tape (normally black and yellow) that is used to bring attention to a potential hazzard especially in low light conditions. Commonly used on steps and protruding tripod legs etc.

White gaff tape is also commonly used to draw attention to potential hazards.


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Highs (Top End)

The highest part of the audible audio frequency spectrum.

Tags: Sound


A small ‘H’ shaped frame used to stand a lantern on the floor.

Tags: Lighting

Hot Spot

An area on the stage on which the lighting is unintentionally more intense than the other areas.

Tags: Lighting

Hook Clamp

A clamp on a lighting fixture that “hooks” over a bar and is tightened onto the bar by a bolt with a plastic knob that can be tightened by hand.

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Head Electrician

The permanent staff member in a theatre who runs the electrics department.

Tags: Lighting, Roles, Theatre


Attaching flying pieces to the appropriate bars.

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Head Block

Device compromising three or more sheaves set together either in line or parallel to each other on a common shaft and attached to the grid directly above the fly rail. The lines from the three or more loftblocks in a set are brought together at the lead block and pass on down to the fly rail cleat in a hemp set or to the weight cradle in a counterweight set.

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