A pair of curtains parting at the centre and moving horizontally.

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Rostrum (Riser)

A portable platform usually in the form of a collapsible hinged framework (gate rostrum) with a separate top. Used to raise specific parts of the action or scene.


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Road Case (Flight Case)

A strong, rigidly constructed, well padded case to protect equipment from the vagaries of touring.

Road case

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1) Noun – The lighting system as a whole, ‘The Rig’. 2) Verb – To hang lanterns on bars and connect with cables. 3) Often used to describe putting together any part of the show e.g. Rigging the set.

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Brake (Rope Lock)

Lever on a counterweight system that locks the rope, so stopping accidental movement.


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Swivel Arm (Rotary Leg Unit)

Device for suspending a leg so that the angle of the leg in relation to the proscenium can be varied (Rotary Leg Unit).

Swivel Arm

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A length of stage flooring that can be drawn off sideways leaving a long narrow opening(cut) through which a cloth or flat may be raised. A runner is also the name given to a length of carpet used offstage to reduce back stage noise.

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Where there is no flying space over the stage a backdrop can be rolled and is than called a roller or roll drop.

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