How CircuitWest can help during COVID-19

In these troubling  COVID-19 times, this is what CircuitWest can do to help you, what we offer right now, and what you need to know.

  • WA SHOWCASE 2020 has been postponed for now and we expect to hold it in late 2020.
  • The CircuitWest office remains open but we are all in separate spaces away from each other.

We have provided these resources below for these critical times

Remember, we should stand as one, look out for each other and remember that whole wars have not stood in the way of performing arts, because it’s too important to our world. We will bounce back, together.

We are already planning for when the situation improves (and it will improve in time), including some new possibilities for pitching, mental health support, help for presenters planning for what happen when the curtains go up and lots of ‘down-time’ professional development.

If you are really struggling with what has happened and you just want to get it off your chest, we are here so please don’t hesitate to call;

  • Ryan – (08) 6202 1045
  • Sam – (08) 6202 1044
  • Beck – (08) 6202 1043


We hope to see you all perform, present, lead, create, uplift, change, evolve, tour, dance, sing, act, play, perform, entertain, transform, collaborate, engage, inspire and pitch later in 2020.

Until then we will stand by you in any way we can.

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