How To Find Your “Lost’ Customers

How MANPAC Re-Found 10,000 subscribers

In late 2018,  MANPAC  believed  it could only contact  13% of its huge database.

Research the same year showed email was the favourite ticketing buying channel for customers. This was a significant problem.

The database, 30,000 records strong built with an ENTA platform, has been in operation since 2016 and saw the transfer of thousands of legacy customer records from the previous ticketing system.

It was robust and had great information and functionality, but customers were abandoning the communication ship at an alarming rate and, more importantly, some were never boarding that ship whilst other had unclear contact status.

MANPAC used a 3rd party email system and it realised part of its  issue was that  it did not synchronise with the ticketing system. The decision was made to move to an allied system and try and synchronise customer marketing records with Enta.

In Mandurah, the main culprits of the loss of contacts were unsubscribes, new ticket buyers contact choices and the ever moving customer.

The Privacy Act regulates us all in terms of how we use customer data and it’s essential that organisations comply and respect the wishes of customers. MANPAC ‘s policy was never to contact the people who unsubscribed to marketing or declined marketing information in their ticket purchase. However, this policy needed to change as customers who declined marketing missed out on all parts of the relationship with MANPAC.

MANPAC recognised that it had an obligation to its customers to ensure it was aware of data preferences and confirm decisions customers made years ago on their first visit to the venue to ensure that have not changed. In doing this, it needed to respect those who has unsubscribed to or not subscribed for marketing.

In June 2019, MANPAC  send an administrative email to  more than 15,000 customers asking for their communication preferences. To its surprise, less than 5 % did not wish to receive information from MANPAC. In addition, there was a flood of email messages  from customers saying they were looking forward to receiving information.

By July 2019, Mandurah permission contact list had grown by 250% . This data was segmented by a customer’s preferred data and synched to Enta monthly.

This had a knock on effect on ticket sales, use of the online ticketing platform, and use of the website and social media.

According to Guy Boyce, the CEO and Creative Director, the exercise  has been a success in many ways.

MANPAC now takes the responsibility of ensuring it understands customer communication preferences more seriously  than ever. They realised that in the life cycle of a customer  their needs and usage change and it’s the venue’s  job to actively understand preferences.

They have retained robust and compliant policy on data whilst hugely growing contacts and connecting communication choices  to intelligence held in  ENTA. A 250% growth in contacts speaks for itself.

If anyone wants to try this exercise, please contact CircuitWest.