Working in the arts for the better part of the last two decades has seen me do some pretty cool things, from performing alongside Scooby Doo, to managing the largest one act drama festival in the state, taking the Ninja Turtles on tour across the country, and creating an interactive arts project with regional kids.

Along the way I have collected quite the skill set and discovered hidden talents that have enabled me to fulfill a variety of roles in this industry that I love … the arts.

I got my start in performing as a singer, dancer and actor, skills that still serve me to this day. While I may only occasionally break out into song during a business meeting, I am also comfortable with public speaking, confident in contract negotiations, and I know the importance of preparation.

As an arts manager, I have worked as a theatre venue manager, festival director, and as a production manager on touring productions throughout Australia. In these roles I have excelled in managing all aspects of my portfolios from contracts, grant applications, budgets, performer logistics, touring logistics, staging, and venue coordination.

I have a passion for community arts and have had my skills recognised by the West Australian Regional and Community Awards where I was selected as a semi-finalist for the Horizon Power Leadership and Innovation award for my extensive work at the Shire of Merredin. I have also been a keynote speaker on community arts engagement at the WA Regional Arts Summit and Artlands Victoria.

Outside of management I have worked with corporate performing companies and on major events in Australia including, Crown, Showtime Attractions, Cirque de Soleil, Volkswagon, Nivea, Perth Fashion Festival, The West Australian Newspaper Group, Lorna Jane, Garnier and Bonds.

I am passionate about the arts and look to form connections with others who share that passion. Reach out, share your dreams, let’s build something together.


Mount Melville WA, Australia

Phone: 0439 890 925