New Work in the House

New Work in the House is a new initiative from the Department of Culture and the Arts to support the commissioning, development, and presentation of regionally-relevant performance-based works that will be presented to audiences for the first time at a regional WA venue or festival event.

A total of $1 million from the Royalties for Regions-funded Creative Regions program has been allocated for distribution through New Work in House over the next two years.

There are two stages to the application process. 

If you’re interested in applying for funding, start by sending us a Pitch, which can be in your choice of written, digital or moving image format. You’ll need to give us an indication of the type and quality of work that will be produced and eventually premiered in a regional WA venue. See the New Work in the House info sheet for details on what you need to include.

If your concept and creative team is strong, we will contact you to discuss your idea and invite you to either proceed straight to Commissioning, or give you the option to seek financial assistance to develop your proposal further.

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