International Showcase Line Up On Its Way To Perth in 2019

CircuitWest’s WA Showcase will be on 20-24 May 2019 at the Subiaco Theater Centre with its biggest line up of world class international speakers yet.

Feedback from 2018’s Showcase set the bar high. The standard of pitches and the topics and speakers saw almost 100% respondents ranking the event as excellent or very good.

Executive Director Ryan Taaffe said CircuitWest felt it could do even better in 2019 with a line-up starting with returning 2018 crowd favourites Bob Harlow, Lindsey Buller Maliekel and Shona Erskine joined by other national and international experts.

“Audience development, the creation of community hubs that connect communities beyond what happens on a stage and the mental health of those who work in our industry were really hot topics this year and we want to build on this.

“In 2018, Lindsey Buller Maliekel talked about activating the whole venue as performance space and inspired so many people in the performing arts industry who heard her speak to think beyond the stage.”

“Meanwhile Bob Harlow opened many eyes about recognising the need for change, identifying target audiences, barriers, taking out guesswork and thinking through relationships with customers with a series of case studies from the USA that showed us that listening was the starting point for building audiences.”

“Shona Erskine provided us with very pragmatic and thought provoking look at how we are coping and the factors that trigger mental health challenges whilst providing a very creative tool to help us thrive.”

“We are excited about hearing Chapter 2 from these great speakers. To complement this line up we will introduce some new international and Australian speakers that will deliver some new thinking and leave everyone with work to do.”

WA Showcase 2019 will also see a line-up of WA’s finest talent pitching to presenters what they will offer their communities in coming years. In 2018, Showcase saw 38 pitches with a great many have seeing direct touring interest as a result. CircuitWest hopes to build on that in 2019.

Information on pitching, speakers and registration will be sent later in 2019.


Contact: Sam Lynch – – 0419971713

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