Pitching Is Open WA Showcase 2021

Definition: to present the passion and creativity for a great performing arts work or concept to presenters from differing and diverse communities and locations to gather feedback and identify possible directions 

Pitching is a must if you a producer with anything from a great creative development right up to a tour ready performing arts work and you want to talk to presenters and communities about the possibilities for the future

In 2021, we are changing pitching with some new ideas developed from talking to producers and presenters. So, before you start completing forms, read on.


  1. New pitch conversations: if you have not pitched before or you are hoping to pitch something very different from your previous pitch, then book in for a chat with us and let’s talk about what you are hoping to do. To book a chat register here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C3J2G3R


  1. Old hand pitches – for those producers who have pitched many times before, then please look at the pitch categories below and submit in the category you want. ‘Old hand’ producers will have had a nudge from CircuitWest. If you have not heard from us, email pm@circuitwest.com.au or ring 6202 1044.


In 2021, there are 3 categories – don’t apply yet if you are having a new pitch conversation.

Get Together -are designed to allow for a dialogue in a small group providing a forum to support creative projects that require deeper discussion/explanation/understanding and where the project will benefit from or requires a closer relationship between the parties involved. For example, this may be a work in development or discussion of a process, or you may be seeking feedback on ideas. This is a 30-minute conversation between interested presenters and you.


Call me – a 10-minute pitch session for works that are tour ready.


More Than Words – a 15-minute session comprising of a 10-minute performance excerpt from your production and 5-minutes of pre or post performance presentation.



Telling Better Stories

In 2021, with our mates at Rhythm Content we are going to help those are new to or evolving at pitching to deliver a digitally succinct and creatively produced pitch called a Digi pitch.  This will be after the selection panel has selected the final pitches for 2021 Showcase and producers will be contacted to work through their Digi-pitch.


Rationalising tech specs: producers in CALL ME and MORE THAN WORDS will still need to provide comprehensive technical specifications, but we have simplified the format based on your feedback.

Important dates:

  • 2 July – new pitch conversations and pitching applications opens
  • 31 July – new pitch conversations applications closes
  • 13 August – pitching closes
  • 3 September – final pitches announced
  • 14 September  – digi-pitching production commences
  • 14 October – deadline all pitch components and presentations

If you have any questions, give us an email at  tourcoordinator@circuitwest.com.au call on 6202 1044.