Sensorium Theatre is Australia’s only company making live shows specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities. Our aim is to improve the lives of children with disability by sparking their imaginations. Based in Western Australia, and formed in 2010, we have enchanted thousands of young people with disability with the magic of live theatre.

A highlight for the company and a landmark for arts access was the presentation of our Helpmann-nominated show Oddysea at the Sydney Opera House and the Arts Centre Melbourne in 2015. In 2017 we completed a national tour of Oddyseato 8 different cities and towns across Australia.

In 2018, we shared our work at the Lincoln Center, New York, as part of The Big Umbrella Festival for audiences with autism. We also put on a season at The Artground, Singapore. Recently, we completed the development of our third production, our biggest yet, Whoosh! – a fly-your-own spaceship adventure.

Internationally, Sensorium is gaining a reputation as a world leader in inclusive theatre making. As a result, we’re able to offer exciting opportunities to the West Australian artists we employ. Our international work also means great new material and learnings for us to share with local WA audiences.

Our Audience
We work with children with a range of access needs, including children on the autism spectrum and those with complex and multiple disabilities who may have limited movement and/or sensory impairment and complex communication needs. Members of children’s circle of support, including siblings, are always warmly welcomed. We also offer inclusive audience shows, (i.e. shows for kids with and without disability).

Our Process
Our shows and programs are developed in collaboration with our target audience, which ensures that they are tailored to children’s specific needs. Our delivery model enhances this experience, with pre-show and post-show “embedding” workshops and digital resources facilitating further understanding and enjoyment.

The Imaginarium

Since 2013, Sensorium Theatre has had a close partnership with Kenwick School, a government Level 4 Education Support School serving approximately 80 students. In 2017, thanks to this wonderful partnership, we launched our new workshop space, “The Imaginarium”, located within the school’s grounds. This co-location means that we can go from creatively developing work to rehearsing it directly with children with additional needs.

Creating a safe environment
Sensorium Theatre is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all its audience members, as well as for performers, support staff and volunteers.


King Street Arts Centre, Murray Street, Perth WA, Australia

Phone: 0408 013 870