40 Year Old Popstar

Alli Butler, a stand-up comedian, singer-songwriter, mother and ex-nurse, performs a show about fame, fortune and botox amongst the sheep, cows and canola.

Alli Butler leaves her day job as the Sydney Opera House nurse, where she tends to the headaches, depressed rants and ingrown toenails of international superstars, because she decides being a celeb seems the more attractive side of the arrangement. So waving her sphygmomanometer goodbye, Alli embarks on the perilous, hilarious and somewhat fraught road to the mecca of mega-pop-stardom. Never mind being 40. Never mind she refuses to do botox (this week). And never mind she’s going to launch this new career from the tiny outback town where she was born, and where her typical audience consists of sheep, cows and canola. It is OK though because animals and plants love her pop music. But she finds people like it even better, so she takes a show on tour, calls it 40 Year old Pop star, and enlists audiences to help in her quest to prove that 40 is the new 20.


Form & Style

40 Year Old Pop Star is a one woman show combining stand-up comedy with songs that are sometimes funny and at other times genuine original pop songs. (Alli was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Unsigned Only Music competiton. ) Alli accompanies herself on guitar and the set up she requires is quite minimal, as it would be for any stand-up comedian. At Merredin theatre (which sold out) Alli played in the foyer to approximately 80 people, and a small rostrum was set up. She has also played in more music-oriented venues, and the show is highly adaptable to most environments, theatres, halls, town halls, smaller meeting places etc. Essentially it’s just Alli, her great comedy, her excellent voice, and her guitar. (Of course a microphone and amplification for the guitar and singing are required. )


‘Domesticity in the Wheatbelt never looked so funny! 40 Year Old Pop Star, Alli Butler’s sell-out debut show at the 2019 York Festival, was as relatable as it was hilarious. ‘ Jenny Garroun, Director, The York Festival.

“Ali is a rare gem, so talented with her song writing and her voice is amazing! What a gift to be able to deliver a comedy show with her music. A must see show” – Sam (Merredin Audience Member)

“Alli butler is hilarious! I highly recommend her. Awesome to see some local talent” – Kat (Merredin Audience Member)


Written and performed by Alli Butler with contributions by Nicholas Flanagan.

Director: Nicholas Flanagan


Not available to tour


Comedy and Magic, Contemporary Music


All ages 18 and over. 30-70 has been the typical audience


50 mins - 1 hour

Bump In


Bump Out

1 hour


- Weekly Fee: $5,000
- Cost per performance: $1,500
- No remount
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Allison Butler
0429 647 046

Company Website



Justin Freind at Cummins Theatre can speak to you about this work.


Venue Format

Proscenium, Community Hall, Theatre Foyer, CRC's, Empty shops, Cafes, Pubs. Any space in which Alli can perform with an attentive audience.

Technical Rating


Touring Party



Show Warnings: Occasional course language and sexual references.
First possible performance: 30 mins after bump-in
Minimum break between shows: 1 hour
Minimum stage width: 2.4m

Minimum stage depth: 1.8m

Minimum stage height: 0.3m

Lighting provided by the company: Presently don’t travel with lights but can if required. (There may be additional cost for this but check with Alli as she may have acquired her own basic lighting rig by Sept).

Lighting to be provided by the venue: One spot or white lighting state. Some gels (colour) if available but the show works with one lighting state throughout.

Audio provided by the company: Can provide a PA system but prefer to work with Venue ‘s sound equipment.

Audio to be provided by the venue: PA system, mixing desk (2 channels required plus cables, microphone. Also need 3 XLR cables to attach to TC Helicon which is a guitar pedal brought by Alli. Currently in the process of accessing own audio equipment so have the presenter check with Alli if audio by the venue is required).

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 or 2. Someone to operate ticketing at the door. Will need someone to operate sound and audio.

Dressing Rooms Required: 1 female, 1 male preferred

Community and Audience Engagement: Alli typically does radio interviews and promo spots of various kinds in the community she is performing eg. local paper interviews. Provides marketing materials to the presenter to use to promote the show (this includes promo videos that can be used on Facebook or any other social media).

Available marketing: Video Promos and digital flyers for social media sites. Show reviews in the form of vox-pops. Designed Flyer and Photos; a media release to be utilised by papers or online publications.