A Bogan Bavarian Oompah-Ty

A Bogan Bavarian Oompah-Ty! When Bavarian Folk meets Aussie Rock!

A Bogan Bavarian Oompah-ty is a fun music show featuring Australian rock and pop songs played in a German oompah style. The performers wear lederhosen, play brass instruments and the songs are arranged in such a way which is both recognisable and tongue-in-cheek. The songs are linked with funny stories and audience participation is encouraged. It is just fun for the sake of fun.


Form and Style

This is a 60min music show, playing lots of well Australian pop and rock songs in a humorous German oompah style. We encourage audience participation and to singing along.


Community and Audience Engagement

We are available to perform in any location to help promote concerts – either in city centres, busking, live to air of radio etc.
We are all music teachers and would be available to work with local schools in the lead up to performances. In some cases and with a few days planning, we can involve school students in our performance.


Available Marketing

We have flyers/posters mocked up, press photos, an active instagram account and short performance videos in lots of different settings.



Available now! (Negotiable – school holidays are preferred)


Comedy, Live Music


45-65 y/o who love and identify with Australian pop and rock from 70s and 80s


60 minutes

Bump In

1 hour

Bump Out

1 hour


Weekly Cost: $10,000
Cost per performance: $1,500
Remount: N/A
Royalties: 5%
*Above fees do not include travel costs

Company Contacts

Mace Francis
0402 723 742

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Venue Format

We can perform anywhere and need very little production

Touring Party

4 performers and 1 crew = 5


Show Warnings: Occasional coarse language

First performance: 1 hour post bump-in

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage width: 4 metres

Minimum stage depth: 3 metres

Minimum stage height: N/A

Lighting requirements to be provided by the venue: simple wash

Audio provided by the company: small PA: 5 channels needed

Audio to be provided by the venue: 4 instrument mics and 1 MC mic

No. of staff to be provided by the venue: 1x FOH (or door person), 1x lighting technician

Dressing rooms required: 1

Other technical or performance notes: As said earlier – our minimal set up is no tech and no power…we can set up anywhere and play acoustically. We can then do everything from there up to our, still very small maximum set up of, 5x instrument mics, 1 mc mic and a lighting wash.