A mercurial dance time warp from Charleston to Hip Hop where the audience become the stars.

In A Night Out!, five amazing dancers sweep the audience into an unforgettable dance time warp. In an exploration of the vast styles that draw humans together on the dance floors over generations A Night Out builds to a compelling social dance where the audience become the dancers.

To get everyone ‘dance ready’, the dancers provide pre-show workshops for anyone who wants to be a part of the action.

A Night Out! is a 40-minute dance performance exploring a range of popular dance styles throughout history culminating with an invitation to the audience to participate in a social dance, post-show. The performance tracks social dance across the ages, taking the audience on a journey through a history of dance styles: waltz, ballet, the Charleston, Tango, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance and more. It features solo, duet and group sequences in a friendly and fun format.

This is the ultimate community engagement performance – inspiring audiences to join in and celebrate social dance. Social dances – from the formal court dances of the 15th century to the ‘free movement’ of solo club dancing – are intended for participation and socialising rather than performance. A Night Out! inspires participation.

Duration: 40 minutes

Tour Schedule

Albany - Wednesday, 23 October
Harvey Sunday, 27 October
Mandurah Wednesday, 30 October
Mandurah Thursday, 31 October
Moora Saturday, 2 November
Carnarvon Thursday, 7 November
Carnarvon Friday, 8 November
Karratha Sunday, 10 November
Perth Hedland Thursday, 14 November
Narrogin Saturday, 16 November


• Community groups, seniors groups, and dance enthusiasts
• Traditional Theatre Goers school aged children 4-12
• Senior school groups and teachers

Written By

Choreographed By

Natalie Allen in collaboration with Kynan Hughes, Rachel Ogle, Alexander Perozzi and Imanuel Dado.


Brendan Hanson, May Greenberg, Tahlia Russell, Thomas Fonua, William Keohavong


Contemporary Dance

Availability Status

Touring late 2019