• Barefaced Stories celebrates the power of storytelling in an intimate live show, workshop series, and podcast. Armed only with their true-life tales, each storyteller takes to the stage, strips it all back and wears their bloody, beating heart on their sleeve.


Refreshingly honest, bold, and brutally frank storytelling from people who surrender to the chaos of being human. We’re a platform for storytellers who are honest and raw - who’ll make you laugh, weep, and most importantly make the world feel a little less lonely. At its heart, Barefaced Stories curates and cultivates stories that are fresh, authentic, and fearless. It’s a chance to elevate voices that might not easily find a microphone. It’s a space where nothing’s sacred, but everyone’s treated with respect. And quite frankly—it’s the bomb.

Form and Style:
Cast from the communities we visit, Barefaced Stories is a live show and workshop series that aims to capture and preserve local stories as well as teach people the valuable art of storytelling. It brings communities closer together and gives people the confidence to share their own story. The project involves: 1 x Weekend Workshop through a series of written & verbal exercises, facilitator Andrea Gibbs (Barefaced Stories, TEDxPerth, ABC) will help participants FIND YOUR STORY; a story that’s worth telling and one that will connect with an audience. She will give expert feedback along the way, and very clear steps on how to CRAFT YOUR STORY to make it pop! Walking participants through her personal template for structuring a truly audience-worthy story, you will be armed with the confidence to give it a go themselves. Age recommendation: 16yrs+ Max Capacity: 12 1 x Live Show - featuring participants from the workshop. Featuring 6 community storytellers, MC - Andrea Gibbs 2 hrs (including interval) One-on-One coaching is also given to the storytellers chosen for the live show.

Duration of performance: Max 2hrs (including interval)

Interval: Yes

Maximum performances per week: 1 Live Show / 1 Weekend Workshop

Remount: Nil

Weekly Fee: $3,800 (this includes 2-day workshop & live show)

Royalties: Nil

Date available: Now

No. people in Touring Party: 1

Bump-in Time: 30mins

Bump-out Time: 30mins

First Possible Performance: 30mins after bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 0

Theatre formats: Flexible, but intimate preferred.

Minimum Stage Width: 2m

Minimum Stage Depth: 2m

Minimum Stage Height: 60cm

Minimum Wing Space: NA

Set Description: Pull up banner

Staging Description: 1 microphone, centre stage.

Lighting - provided by company: None

Lighting Requirements - to be provided by venue: Wash and spot light

Audio - provided by company: House Music

Audio Requirements - to be provided by venue:
Ability to play house music and plug in Zoom Mic to record audio.

No. of additional lighting staff required from venue: 0

No. of additional sound staff required from venue: 0

No. multi-taskers required from venue: 0

Dressing rooms required: No

Marketing Collateral:
Professional posters/flyers, photographs, promo video, media releases, audio grabs (for local radio)

Community Engagement:
Our storytelling workshops help participants find their stories, teach them how to craft them, and gives them the tools to share. Suitable for adults (ages 16+) the workshop takes place over a weekend (4hrs/day) with time overnight for participants to work on their stories. Future plans also involve a mobile recording unit, for community members to share their stories with a loved one, have them recorded and archived. This addition to the tour ready show is funding dependent.

Target Market:
71% Females 25-54. Edgy, but not too-cool-for-school. Witty, but not too clever for your own good. Value honesty and authenticity.

Contact Email: andrea@barefaced.com.au

Company Website: www.barefaced.com.au


"What's so enticing is how real the moments are. It's not a show, it's a revelation and a fabulous peek into the people the performers really are. In addition, the sizzling wit created between the show's two presenters feels like a treat of a show in itself."

Weekend Notes (2016)

"There is a lot to love about Barefaced Stories. Sometimes silly, sometimes crass, often surprising and always a lot of fun. The show is smoothly steered but appealingly unpolished and raw. You will laugh, cringe and probably leave knowing more than you ever thought you would"

The West Australian (2015)


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