Because of You…

Because of You.... we dance. Performed by children aged 4 - 7 years and their parents, grandparents or carers. This dance work celebrates the relationship between children and significant adults in their life using play based dance, illustration and original music.

Because of You… is a child-centred dance project created by choreographer Sandi Woo.

Through online workshops, young children make dance with a significant adult in their life that ultimately becomes a live performance either streamed from their homes to the world or staged as a live in-theatre show..

Sandi Woo is an award winning choreographer and specialist in working with communities. Because of You… is a highly imaginative, joy filled performance that uses child-hood games to encourage children to take the creative lead. Each version of the work is unique to the community in which it is made.


Form and Style:

Two versions of the work are available.


First commissioned by Ausdance WA Future Landings project for Broome community in 2013. The work exists as a dance theatre show performed by community members within a large cardboard set.



In 2020, the work was meant to be remounted with Denmark families by Annette Carmichael Projects but when the pandemic hit, the work was reimagined as an online experience. Workshops with local performers happened via Zoom and the final performance occurred as four live-streamed performances direct from families homes to an audience of over 1000 people.


Using green screen technology, original music by David Rastrick, illustrations from Katherine McKenzie and set design from David McKenzie, this 20 – 30 minute performance that captures the love, fun and challenges of family life. It provided a very powerful point of connection for families during COVID isolation.

Community and Audience Engagement:

The work is created by local families. The whole project relies on community engagement



Available Marketing:

Lots of photographic stock, media release, online films, music available from iTunes


The technology was all new to us – zoom, the green screen – but we had such fun with the platform – appearing and disappearing, changing our world. The whole project was very much a product of a unique, unsettling time, and we felt so fortunate to be a part of responding to this, and creating something inspiring and fun. -Denmark participant 2020


I think the biggest change was in Noah, he is a really quiet, insecure kid, like when we first started off in the workshop he wouldn’t even participate, he was under my skirt, and that was fine because Sandi was completely fine with that so we just left him to watch and then slowly, slowly over the week things changed – his confidence grew. -Broome participant


I found watching the show, it spoke of this portrait of love between parent and child, that was pretty amazing. -Audience Member, Broome, 2013




Children / Family, Dance, Multidisciplinary




20 minutes livestreamed online or 30 minutes live in- theatre show

Bump In

TBA depending on venue and selected format

Bump Out

TBA depending on venue and selected format


- Weekly Fee: Depends on which version (online or in theatre)
- Remount: Depends on which version (online or in theatre)
- Royalties: No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Annette Carmichael
0438 922 934

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Venue Format

Black Box, Pros, Thrust, Online

Touring Party



First possible performance: TBA depending on venue and selected format

Minimum stage width/depth/height: TBA depending on venue and selected format

Staging and Set Description: Large cardboard set of childhood objects

Lighting provided by the company: TBA

Lighting to be provided by the venue: TBA

Audio provided by the company: Pre-recorded music

Audio to be provided by the venue: As required to amplify pre-recorded music in venue

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: TBA