Bindjareb Pinjarra

Famous throughout the nation… WA’s brilliant blackfella/whitefella comic drama about the killing times and the present times.

Bindjareb Pinjarra explores the black & white history of the Pinjarra Massacre of 1834. The play mixes the cast’s personal stories (what they were taught at school, for instance) with hilarious re-enactments of historical events and the modern tale of Roland Mission, a young Noongar man discovering his connection to that history. Roland, a fledgling rap artist, continually attracts trouble just because of the colour of his skin – demonstrating that the prejudices of the past are unfortunately still with us.

After traveling from railway station to Centrelink office, jail cell to the highway, we come to the banks of the Murray River in Pinjarra where the full story of the dreadful incident is played out. After the sadness the cast share a simple healing ritual with the audience, and then engage in a comprehensive Q & A to clarify the history and ensure that audience leave with more understanding and a smile in their hearts.

The work continually breaks the fourth wall, with audience members able to suggest content and styles for scenes (like in Theatresports), share their own knowledge and become part of the action. The cast adapt each performance for the found audience, allowing for child-friendly or spiky teenage versions as required, and short and long forms.


CircuitWest and the Producer will provide:

  • All the performances and engagement activities
  • All the technical equipment needed to present the show
  • Marketing materials for your venue
  • Travel and accommodation for the tour party
  • An experienced Tour Manager to support this tour


You will need to:

  • Pay a subsidised presenter fee plus any royalties or licence costs
  • Provide an appropriate venue for the shows and engagement activities
  • Ensure adequate power is available
  • Meet and greet the tour party when it arrives
  • Arrange local marketing and ticket sales (with support from CircuitWest)


I can’t praise Bindjareb Pinjarra highly enough and I urge you to see it. It may be the most effective vehicle for black-white reconciliation you’ll ever see… and it’s a wonderful theatre experience.
(Brisbane Courier Mail)

The strength of this play lies in its ability to alternate and fuse the comic with the tragic, while saying something immensely important about Aboriginal perception of white culture.
(Financial Review)

A wonderful fusion of the comic (and the comedy is very funny) with the tragic… Bindjareb Pinjarra tells us about our past. And we grieve. But then it offers us a powerful paradigm for our future. And we hope.
(Sydney Morning Herald)


Available from mid-March 2022


Comedy, Improvisation, Participatory / Interactive, Theatre


This is a reconciliation work. It works best with a cross-cultural mix of the local Indigenous community with the non-indigenous sector. People working with Indigenous people (medical, education and social workers) gain great insight. The Education Department praises this work for students.


50-90 minutes



Royalties for this production are 10%

Tour Party: 6
Surface: flat / solid / stage
Power: 32a
Structure: enclosed / roof
Audience: seated
Backdrop: 10m x 2m

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