Breaksea’s Community Singing Festival

Join a cast of international soloists and local singers for a mini festival of singing, creating and participating. Come on, let’s break the sea of silence.

Breaksea’s Community Singing Festival is offered as a recovery package for venues and communities after the Coverd-19 shutdown. It’s an adaptable concert framework, which brings together professional and local community performers in celebrating singing, creating and participating together. The concert program is tailored to the community and can facilitate local elders, soloists, community choirs and school groups together with Breaksea’s professional artists. Breaksea artists include Matt Ward (vocalist), Jonathan Brain (indie-folk), Pia Harris (opera), Jarrad Inman, Sheyan & Shantay Tidswell (young First Nations singer – contemporary). The music featured ranges from classical, indie-folk, contemporary to original compositions about local WA stories. About Breaksea Breaksea is on a quest to spread the joy of vocal performance with the whole world – we believe everyone should sing, create and participate. Breaksea specialises in community engagement programs and performances which celebrate the power of singing together. Breaksea was officially launched in 2019 as a non-profit arts organisation formalising the work of a collective of artists from across WA. Based in Albany, Breaksea designs and delivers world-class vocal performance projects in collaboration with professional and community organisations. Dedicated to open access, innovative project design and exceptional vocal performance, Breaksea frequently facilitates communities in the co-creation of new performance work. Highlights include Pilgrims of the Sea (Vancouver Arts Centre) Drift (Albany’s Historic Whaling Station), By Other Eyes (Perth Concert Hall 2021, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre 2021, Albany Field of Light: Avenue of Honour 2018), Shoal (Albany Entertainment Centre, Kidogo Art House) and Kaawar Song Project (Vancouver Street Festival, Noongar Boodja documentary CANWA). Since 2017, Breaksea has delivered singing workshops across the Great Southern to Denmark, Mt Barker, Gnowangerup, Katanning, Cosy Corner and this year extending to Bunbury and Busselton. Breaksea has exported regionally developed work with local artists to the Joondalup Festival and Kidogo Arthouse.


Form & Style:

Think of Breaksea’s Family Singing Festival as a relaxed, family friendly, mini festival of song compressed into a couple of hours. Local singers, community choirs and school groups are provided with music learning resources for up to 4 songs to be performed with the Breaksea cast. Each group will receive at least 1 incursion with a Breaksea singing teacher in the weeks leading up to the performance. All groups come together the day before the show for a full group rehearsal. The day of the performance there is a sound check, top and tail of the program and then it’s showtime. The program is adaptable to suit the needs, budget and objectives of the host venue. Breaksea will work with the host venue to tailor the program to satisfy these criteria and the needs of the local community. The program often includes an opportunity for an elder to speak and assist in facilitating local First Nation performers. The program has scope for small to large scale engagement with community performers. The music program is varied, presenting different styles of sing and communication through song. The evening is presented in two acts. Often a support act/ band will play three brackets before, at interval and after the show. This creates a great relaxed party vibe (we don’t do formal concerts). Music includes: • Original Breaksea music. Includes intercultural songs for soloists and choirs, songs relating to WA stories such as whaling, WWI etc. • Opera • Indie-folk • Choral • Local artists from the target community • Local elder


“If you really want to engage your community in something that will bring joy, build connections and contribute to fantastic civic, cultural and social outcomes as well as artistic outcomes I cannot recommend Matt ward and the rest of the team at Breaksea enough.” – Amber Launay, Director City of Albany’s Vancouver Arts Centre, 2020

“Matt Ward and his team have created a work that is close to perfect for the lifting of spirits. The performance I attended certainly lifted mine at a time when they were in need.” – Jon Doust, Author

“For any programmer or venue wanting to offer programs that authentically engage with their community, Breaksea is a company you must get to know. What sets them apart from others in this space is Breaksea’s commitment to creating quality outcomes that showcase original music and performances through a deep collaboration with participants.” – Jenny Simpson, Artistic Director & CEO, Awesome Arts Festival


Matt Ward – Artistic Director, host, vocalist

Jonathan Brain – Music Director, guitarist, vocalist

Sheyan & Shantay Tidswell – First Nation youth soloists

Jarrad Inman – First Nation youth soloist

Pia Harris – Opera soloist Elder TBC

Local singers, choirs and music groups TBC


EOI welcome from January 2021


Children and Families, Contemporary Music, Participatory and Immersive


Families, adult choirs, school choirs, young musicians, song writers, First Nation artists


90-120 minutes

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


- Cost: $6,000 (includes 3-day engagement period and one performance)
- No remount
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Matt Ward
0490 855 982

Company Website


Venue Format

Main stage (Proscenium Arch/ Black box), Foyer in cabaret style, Outdoor, Gig

Technical Rating


Touring Party



Show Warnings: Nil

First possible performance: TBC

Minimum break between shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage width: 3 metres

Minimum stage depth: 2 metres

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Nil

Audio to be provided by the venue: 5 soloist mics, 2 Condenser microphones for choir, 7 Microphone stands, 1 Guitar DI, 1 lap-top input, 2 fold-back wedges, FOH speakers as applicable to venue.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 Sound engineer, FOH staff

Dressing Rooms Required: 1 female, 1 male preferred

Community and Audience Engagement: Breaksea’s Community Singing Festival brings about collaborations with local singers and performers together with Breaksea’s professional artists. The event provides an exciting platform for local community artists to perform to their friends and family. In the past we have worked with local elders, schools, community choirs, dramatics groups, local singer song writers and bands. By facilitating a “creative exchange” between local and visiting artists, audiences are enthralled by the positive power of singing together. Breaksea facilitates audience engagement through: • Social media channels, • Networks of local artists (most important) • School workshops, • Friends of Breaksea (certain locations only) • Media (print, online, radio).

Available marketing:

• Poster, Flyers/ postcards design • Performance images, • Audio & film excerpts, • Artists available for interviews