Bringing Back Bacharach

A hilarious, heart-breakingly fun, wide-lapelled polyester pantsuit sing-along celebrating the music of the king of 1960s easy-listening pop, Burt Bacharach.

Will ‘Girl’ ever get to San José? Will ‘Other Girl’ ever go back to Tulsa? Will ‘Boy’ ever fall in love again? Follow our lovelorn characters as they negotiate the rollercoaster ride of emotions unleashed by no less than 31 of Bacharach’s classic golden hits, cleverly strung together to create a perfect retro soapie that will have you laughing, dancing and singing along at the top of your voice.


Form and Style 

Essentially, Bringing Back Bacharach is presented as a fun, non-stop music concert of famous easy-listening 60s music. There are eight musicians on stage. Along the front of the stage are three main vocalists plus a trumpet player, who are our ‘characters’. The rest of the band (piano keyboard, electric bass, drums and guitar) stand behind and provide the accompaniment but also contribute to the plot in energy, presence and sometimes as character foils. The premise of the show is that Bacharach wrote so many hits that there will no time for talking about the songs in the show, therefore, the characters use storyboards to tell the audience about the songs. In this way the music can progress without breaks. There is approximately one board per song and many laughs are generated by the boards and by the reactions the characters and audience have to the boards. In this way, a storyline is created. All band members wear 1960s formal wear and the three singers have a costume change in between sets.

The full show is two one-hour sets. There are three other possible show formats: a Christmas version, a one-hour version, and a 90-minute version. It is idea for the room to be set in Cabaret Half Round Table style.


Community and Audience Engagement

Libby Hammer and her team have a formidable catalogue of music and themed shows, including an award-winning musical show for children. Presenters are invited to refer to the attached document Libby Hammer Acts 2020 for ideas on how the repertoire and skills of the cast of Bringing Back Bacharach can be used to capitalise on their visit to your local community.

Libby plus all band members contribute to promotion in the following ways:

Website, Facebook, Instagram

E-newsletter (900 recipients)

Snail mail (200 recipients)

Perth radio (Libby has contacts at ABC Perth, 6PR, RTR, Twin Cities FM, Radio Fremantle, Capital Radio)

Local radio (depending on tour destinations)

Press invitations


Available Marketing 

Press release


Video (showreels, teasers, plus footage of the full show will be available soon)

MP3s (professional recordings of the live show available soon)

Reviews and testimonials



“The best show I’ve seen so far is Bringing Back Bacharach. A fun-filled 1.5 non-stop hours of singing, comedy and the best Bacharach songs… loved it, loved it, loved it.” Facebook review, Fringe World, February 2017

“I think the highlight by far in 2016 was Bringing Back Bacharach… the non-stop show was presented on placards with humorous comments preceding each song… the audience loved it and sang along with smiles on their faces.” – Jazz Fremantle, August 2016

“The perfect melt. Terrific vocals, marvellous instrumentals, hilarious antics and a delightful sense of fun between the band members as well as the extremely appreciative audience… an exceptional evening. Not to be missed!” – Australian Stage, 2015


Libby Hammer

Ali Bodycoat – vocals
Libby Hammer – vocals
Rob Pring – vocals
Ricki Malet – flugelhorn
Chris Foster – piano
Jeremy Thomson – guitar
Nick Abbey – electric bass
Michael Perkins – drums


Available now!


Cabaret, Live Music


Bringing Back Bacharach is perfect for people aged 30 and upwards, especially those with middle to high socioeconomic status. It is appealing to all genders.


Unless otherwise requested, we will perform the full show, which is 2 x one-hour sets separated by a half hour break. Other formats available are: 70 minutes (no interval) and 90 minutes (no interval). If a Christmas version of the show is required, it adds approximately 15 minutes to the show.

Bump In

3 hours

Bump Out

1.5 hours


Weekly Fee: $15,000
Cost per performance: $3,000
Remount: $900
Royalties: N/A
*Above fees do not include travel costs

Company Contacts

Libby Hammer
0412 577 229

Company Website

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Venue Format

Bringing Back Bacharach works in the following theatre formats: Proscenium and black box. We can also perform in spaces with no stage, such as outside. All we need is a flat surface and a couple of power points (3-phase power is ideal). The show can perform on a thrust stage, but the group will set up to be flush with the arch, as most of the action happens at the front of the stage and audience members at the side might miss out. Bringing Back Bacharach does not suit theatre-in-the-round. In very large venues, it is best to display the storyboards on a screen behind the performers. This requires a screen to be provided by the venue and someone to operate the slides (this person can easily read along with our script and operate the slides accordingly). Alternately, we can bring our AV team, which is an extra cost.

Technical Rating


Touring Party

8 cast, 1 crew = 9 total


Show Warnings: Mild sexual innuendo

First possible performance: 1 hour after bump-in and soundcheck is completed.

Minimum break between shows: 1 hour

Minimum Stage Width: 5 metres

Minimum Stage Depth: 3 metres

Minimum Stage Height: 2.5 metres

Lighting provided by company: We can provide general stage lighting. Only a basic wash is required.

Lighting to be provided by venue: If the venue can supply lighting, all is required is a basic wash. Lights must be bright enough for audience members to see all of the stage at all times.

Audio provided by company: We provide all our own instruments and instrument amplifiers. We can also provide all our PA and lighting requirements along with our sound operator (included in our quote).

Audio to be provided by venue: If the venue is going to provide sound, we can provide technical specifications.

Dressing rooms required: 1