Cabaret Youkali

*This work is in the 'Get Together' category, as is NOT currently tour ready.


WHAT do you want to talk about?

Venue support for further development of the work in preparation for touring.


WHY do you want to talk about it?

The show is having a week long development. We are ready to take it to the next level of development and construction. With support from regional venues we want to create a work that is suited to touring. As a team we are confident in our capacity to create a rewarding and nourishing experience for our audience and are seeking confirmation and support that the work we are creating will find its audience.


What is your driving force in creating this work?

Youkali is an immersive cabaret dream of song and dance. Where nights and hearts are lost to lotus eating reverie. Harkening back to the halcyon days of the late night variety show, the disciplines of song and dance and comedy intertwine It is our aim to reignite intimate live and acoustic performance in proximity to audiences. We are responding to the pressures and anxieties that living in lockdown and the resulting physical and emotional isolation that is being felt by the community as a whole. The work has a sense of immediacy and a celebration of life.


Are you looking to engage in particular regional areas?

As individuals we have been engaged in the regional areas through recent tours. For A Night Out, a work created by Natalie Allen and performed in part by Brendan Hanson we had the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of interacting through performance and workshops with regional communities. Similarly Brendan toured in Midsummer(A play with songs) for Black Swan State Theatre Company and appreciated the opportunity to bring work from the main stage of the State Theatre Centre to regional centres, often in an intimate setting. The work we are creating brings together our individual disciplines and all four can be drawn upon for workshops and interaction with the communities we visit.


Is what you want to discuss time-sensitive, or does it have a date for commencement or completion?

Our aim is to have a completed show draft ready for a rehearsal period by the end of 2020. With the intentions of mounting and touring the work in 2021.


What do you see as the next steps?

The planning of a further development period to formalise the content and length of the work, culminating in a showing. From this formalising the structure, content and length of the show by the end of 2020. From there, gaining access to venues and the creation of a tour to commence at the completion of rehearsal period and showing in the metro area in 2021


What do you hope this project will achieve, and how will you know if it has been a success?

Our aim is to ignite regional communities with storytelling, music and song and dance. Giving regional communities access to professional artists with craft and knowledge to share. Through the performance of our cabaret, creating a memorable experience for our audiences that fuels their own process in creating their own work. I would hope the success of the project would be measured by the impact and ongoing interest in performance in the communities we visit. That the ideal outcome would be for the regions be inspired for further visits by touring artists.


Tell us about any supporting materials that will help illustrate the work.

We will have a show draft by the end of the week ending the fourth of September. This is our scheduled development week at Fremantle Arts Centre. The week will culminate in the recording of sections of the show which we will be happy to present to the “Get Together” Team. We will have elements of the script and some design drawings as a result of our development week.


Tell us about the skills and experience of the people involved:

Natalie Allen is a dancer and choreographer and lecturer at WAAPA, with 12 years professional experience.

Humphrey Bower is an actor, writer and director and lecturer at WAAPA with 30 years experience.

Brendan Hanson is a singer, actor and director of Opera and musical theatre and lecturer at WAAPA, with 30 years professional experience. Cathie Travers is a musical director, multi instrumentalist and piano accordion maestro with a lifetimes experience in cabaret performance.




Company Contacts

Brendan Hanson
0414 996 673

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