WA’s leading female circus artists join forces with a Rock n Roll accordionist- in a slapstick, spectacular, musical show that’s fun for the whole family

CANDY GIRLS: Sweet OR Sour? is an interactive, all-female show that combines music, comedy, dancing, slapstick, choreographed routines and circus performances into a high quality, fast paced and funny show. It features four powerhouse women, all with international acclaim, who play bigger, funnier and sillier versions of themselves. They are presented as sweeter than candy, but this all dancing, all smiling circus act doesn’t always get along, which often leads to pranks and shenanigans that will have the audience in hysterics.
Ultimately this is a show about four friends, who despite their appearances, are not in synch…The red head really wants to do the perfect show; the brunette gets things muddled around the wrong way; and the blonde breaks all the rules, and will cluck like a chicken if she feels like it. With a live musician playing the soundtrack to their lives, what ensures is a chaotic, funny and well crafted show. The Candy Girls demonstrate that women don’t have to be sexy or sweet, and in fact they can just be themselves and have a blast while they do it!


Form and Style

The Candy Girls resemble old time swing dancers in their candy-striped outfits and are all smiles for the crowd at first, but when things start to turn a little bit sour, their act becomes more like the Three Stooges, with a little bit of Cirque Du Soleil thrown in for extra fun.
The Candy Girls are Mums themselves and have gone to extra effort to create a show that is not just fun for kids, but is enjoyable for people of all ages – plus they have an absolute ball onstage together.

“Our kids have watched it multiple times, and they still laugh and are engaged the whole time. They actually want to come to every show!” says Artistic Director, Dawn Pascoe.

The audience are treated to a lot of silliness in the show, with tricks featuring hula hoops, juggling, balancing and diabolo comedy that gets a lot of smiles and shrieks of laughter from the audience.
Accordionist, Nikki Dagostino plays everything from 1950’s swing, to Edith Piaf to Rock n’ Roll during the show. Her music adds a lot of character and humour and gives a Yakety Sax vibe to the performance. Her music paired with the comedic antics of the Candy Girls is reminiscent of old silent movies.
“I’ve never been in a show where I’ve had so much fun” says Dawn.

When you look beyond the ‘laugh out loud’ show, you’ll see role models for young girls, who say that its ok to not be ok sometimes, its ok to stuff up, and its ok to just be you.


Community and Audience Engagement

Social Media:
Our team are very social media savvy and can run competitions and engage with locals before coming to town, during and afterwards.

Circus Skills Options:
Workshops in the days leading up the performance.
Creating a ‘Curtain Raiser’ performance with the youth.
‘Pick up and have a go’ workshop directly after the performance – Complete with games and live music of course!

Before / After the show:
The Candy Girls mingle with the audience, often having a laugh and playing games. Afterwards they learn more about how to play an accordion and pull funny faces in photos with us. This may seem like a small engagement activity, but we’ve learnt that it speaks volumes in people’s positive attitudes and memories.

We like to be a part of a community rather than blowing in.
We love to engage with you and learn about your town. We will shop there, eat there, go to your visitor centre and anywhere else you point us to, to connect with you and your town.


Available Marketing 

High res photos – studio and live Media release.


“The skills displayed are stunning, with routines carefully prepared and choreographed to fit perfectly with the musical soundtrack. Candy Girls is a show with serious circus craft and ability that is not merely ‘good enough for the kids’ but is thrilling entertainment for adults lucky enough to attend.” Australian Stage


** Winner of Best Children’s Event at Fringe World’s Weekly Awards 2020 **


Devisers and Performers:
Dawn Pascoe
Ruth Battle-Wayre
Beth Sheldon

Musical director and live musician: Nikki Dagostino

Director: Ella Hetherington

Producer/ Costume maker/ Artistic Director: Dawn Pascoe




Children / Family, Circus, Comedy


Children (and their families)


40 minutes

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


Weekly Fee: 9,000
Cost per performance: $3,000
Remount: 2,000
Royalties: N/A
*Above fees do not include travel costs

Company Contacts

Dawn Pascoe
0448 729 493

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Venue Format

Town Hall, Outdoor stage, proscenium arch, black box, thrust

Touring Party



Show Warnings: N/A

First possible performance: 2 hours after bump-in

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours – 1 show a day is preferred to allow for community engagement.

Minimum stage width: 5 metres

Minimum stage depth: 3 metres

Minimum stage height: 4 metres

Lighting provided by company: N/A

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Basic lighting for a series of stage washes. No specials are required. We want to audience to see everything!

Audio provided by the company: Accordion and PA can be provided for smaller venues.

Audio to be provided by the venue: DI for accordion. 2 microphones.

No. of staff to be provided by the venue: x1 lighting technician.

Dressing rooms required: 1