Cloud Nine

Put on an eye mask and get comfortable as The Giovanni Consort transport you into a realm of choral soundscapes - completely in the dark!

Audience members are provided with a 45 minute sensory deprivation experience where they are “washed” with choral music in the dark. Each listener is given a blindfold and the option of lying on a yoga mat or sitting on a chair. The performance provides an opportunity for mindfulness and stillness that in not often found in today’s society. It also challenges what an audience looks like – the singers move, while the audience cannot see, and therefore do not know where the next sound will come from.


CircuitWest and the Producer will provide:

  • All the performances and engagement activities
  • All the technical equipment needed to present the show
  • Marketing materials for your venue
  • Travel and accommodation for the tour party
  • An experienced Tour Manager to support this tour


You will need to:

  • Pay a subsidised presenter fee plus any royalties or licence costs
  • Provide an appropriate venue for the shows and engagement activities
  • Ensure adequate power is available
  • Meet and greet the tour party when it arrives
  • Arrange local marketing and ticket sales (with support from CircuitWest)


“…if inspiring a love of the arts in to “bright young things” is Awesome Festival’s ultimate goal then Giovanni Consort’s glorious expression of music is a great place to begin.” Mark Naglazas, Cloud Nine (AWESOME Festival), October 2019, SeeSaw Magazine


“And then it begins. Stirring voices that defy the capacity of the uninitiated to believe such a sound can emanate from so few people. The power, the beauty and the seamless integration of such a range of different voices is totally overwhelming. With your eyes closed the music simply inhabits your being. Relaxing? Not so much for this reviewer. Rather, gently invigorating.” Mark Naglazas, Cloud Nine (AWESOME Festival), October 2019, SeeSaw Magazine




School holidays only




All ages and all genders


50 minutes or 25 minutes for children



There are no royalties for this production

Tour Party: 5
Surface: flat / solid / stage
Power: GPO
Structure: indoors / enclosed
Audience: seated / lying down

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