Cloud Nine

Put on an eye mask and get comfortable as The Giovanni Consort transport you into a realm of choral soundscapes - completely in the dark!

Audience members are provided with a 45 minute sensory deprivation experience where they are “washed” with choral music in the dark. Each listener is given a blindfold and the option of lying on a yoga mat or sitting on a chair. The performance provides an opportunity for mindfulness and stillness that in not often found in today’s society. It also challenges what an audience looks like – the singers move, while the audience cannot see, and therefore do not know where the next sound will come from.


Form and Style:

Clear instructions about what is about to occur are provided to the audience at the start of the show. This includes the bet positions to lie down, and how to signal if there is a problem or issue. The only lighting for the show is a circle of fairy lights in the centre of the performance space. Audience members lie on yoga mats, wearing blindfolds, while eight singers and a percussionist move about the performance space providing 45 minutes of continuous sound. Audience members can sit on chairs if they wish, but lying down provides a more whole body experience. Songs range from Gregorian chant to Rainforests, providing the audience with a chance to be still in this increasingly fast paced world. At the beginning. of the final song, a bell will sound to inform the audience that they can remove their face masks. The lights slowly fade up during this piece to allow the listeners to “wake up” during the final song. NB a shorter, child friendly version of this show exists called Cloud Nine. It lonely lasts 25 minutes and invites the listeners to join in at the end by providing a Q&A session.


Community and Audience Engagement:

We have a strong Social Media presence and networks with many areas of Regional WA through our singers.


Available Marketing:

We can provide flyers, videos, and photos of previous performances in Fringe 2019 and AWESOME 2019


“… as the sound — a single line at first — crept in, a powerful feeling of embarking on a mysterious journey ensured that one’s senses were on high alert. The developing and varied vocal landscape — plainsong, polyphony, forest sounds of the night, a touch of didgeridoo, moments of powerful choral harmony, all overlaid with Latin liturgy — was experience enough; but the awareness that the “creatures” responsible for these sounds were wandering amongst a defenceless, supine audience took the magic to a higher level of mystery.” Leon Levy, Sleep With Giovanni, January 2019, SeeSaw Magazine


“…if inspiring a love of the arts in to “bright young things” is Awesome Festival’s ultimate goal then Giovanni Consort’s glorious expression of music is a great place to begin.” Mark Naglazas, Cloud Nine (AWESOME Festival), October 2019, SeeSaw Magazine


“And then it begins. Stirring voices that defy the capacity of the uninitiated to believe such a sound can emanate from so few people. The power, the beauty and the seamless integration of such a range of different voices is totally overwhelming. With your eyes closed the music simply inhabits your being. Relaxing? Not so much for this reviewer. Rather, gently invigorating.” Mark Naglazas, Cloud Nine (AWESOME Festival), October 2019, SeeSaw Magazine




From 2020 onwards


Participatory and Immersive


This show is suitable for all ages and Genders. The duration and title can change if it is a school performance so that focus is maintained by the listeners. The very elderly may not enjoy being on the floor, but chairs can be provided if desired.


30 minutes for children, 50 minutes for General Public

Bump In


Bump Out



- Weekly Fee: $4,469.15 (inclusive of fees for one show) $19,183.93 (inclusive of fees for five shows)
- Remount:$7,245
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Hugh Lydon
0433 926 866

Company Website

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Venue Format

any performance space possible, but ideal space for audience members to lie down

Touring Party



First possible performance: straight after Bump-in

Minimum break between shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage width: any stage can be used

Minimum stage depth: any stage can be used

Minimum stage height: any stage can be used

Staging and Set Description: open space – one chair and table for percussionist, one large ring of fairy lights for singers. Choir provides yoga mats. If venue wishes, chairs can be used for elderly patrons.

Lighting provided by the company: fairy lights provided

Lighting to be provided by the venue: house lights dim down at beginning and up during the last song.

Audio provided by the company: none

Audio to be provided by the venue: none if resonant space – much of the music needs to echo.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 for house lights

Dressing Rooms Required: one male, one female, to stop belongings

Other technical or performance notes: If elderly members are in audience, chairs need to be provided as they may not wish to be on a yoga mat.