The Crushers Comedy Gala

A premium comedy gala featuring comedians who are guaranteed crushers!

Form and Style

The Crushers Comedy Gala is a 90 minute, premium comedy showcase featuring comedians that are guaranteed CRUSHERS! The term “Crusher” in comedy circles refers to a comedian that delivers the laughs and leaves audiences wanting more. Each show is hosted by an MC and features four local “crushers” who will each perform a 15 minute showcase spot.


Community Engagement

  • Meet and greets after the show with comedians
  • Ticket giveaways to assist community groups
  • Discounts for seniors and the less abled
  • Comedians can engage in interviews with local press, podcasts, or bloggers
  • The production team can offer work experience opportunities for any students of legal age that is interested in event production
  • A number of free tickets provided for a selected number of youth aged 18-21 who are interested in becoming comedians. Seeing a live show can be very inspiring and show a pathway for their future development as comedians
  • Positive tourism coverage of the area we are touring on social media with pics and video.


★★★★ “Big atmosphere and lots of laughter, which is what this show at The Rechabite delivers in huge quantities” The Fourth Wall

★★★★☆ (4.5 stars out of 5) “If you’re ready to be punched in the face with a solid hour of comedy power, this fast-paced, high energy show is for you” Fringefeed

★★★★☆ “It’s next-level happy hour!” Mystery Case


The Crushers Comedy Gala is the brainchild of two of Australia’s biggest comedy producers, Ronan Freeburn & Paul Dragan. Their credits include Rottofest, Australia’s Funniest Shorts, Comedy Shack and heaps more!

Ronan Freeburn’s producing credits include: Rottofest (Festival Director); Freo Royale (Festival Director); Side Splitter Comedy Festival (Festival Director); Australia’s Funniest Shorts (Festival Director)

The comedians performing in The Crushers Comedy Gala will draw from the best locally based (or visiting) talent. Given the show is a gala format, it gives us flexibility on who we book for a tour.



Available now - Friday and Saturday nights only




All ages 18 and over. Target audience is males and females aged 25-50 who are fans of comedy or film festivals.


90 minutes

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


- Cost per performance: $4,368
- No remount
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Ronan Freeburn
0416 922 469

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Venue Format

Theatre style

Technical Rating


Touring Party



Show Warnings: 18+ contains coarse language and adult themes
First possible performance: 30 mins after bump-in
Minimum break between shows: 30 minutes
Minimum stage width: 2m

Minimum stage depth: 2m

Minimum stage height: 0.5m

Lighting provided by the company: N/A

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Lighting to illuminate comedians on stage and some colour wash lighting to create atmosphere.

Audio provided by the company: N/A

Audio to be provided by the venue:2 wireless mics and house sound system, and a  DI in case we have a comedian who plays guitar.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 staff member to assist with sound and lighting (4 hours). Plus box office team, ushers etc.

Dressing Rooms Required: 1

Other technical or performance notes: We use a standard ‘stand up comedy’ setup and will dress the stage ourselves.

Available marketing: Caustic Content can provide the following:
  • High-quality video from previous shows
  • High-quality photography from previous shows
  • Media release
  • Fantastic reviews
  • Comedians on the bill making special behind the scenes videos to promote the show
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Social media graphics