Distributed 15

*This work is currently in development


WHAT do you want to talk about?

‘Distributed 15’ is a new artistic work developed over 15 threads of activity from 2020–2023. In 2023 the work results in a large-scale performance distributed across multiple sites and communities in regional Western Australia.


WHY do you want to talk about it?

We are looking to initiate conversations with communities interested in being one of the 5 – 6 performance sites.

This multi-artform project builds capacity in regional communities to create and present contemporary works. Each ‘Thread’ focuses on a different activity, including music, poetry, illustration, augmented reality and dance. There are also threads dedicated to ‘thinking’, ‘planting’, ‘audience engagement’ and ‘producer development’. Distributed 15 culminates in a new work that explores ways of distributing knowledge, action and shared responsibility for people and the natural world.


What is your driving force in creating this work?

I have just finished creating a trilogy of community works called The Beauty Index Trilogy (#1 The Beauty Index, #2 A Light Shade of Red, #3 Chorus). Throughout this journey I invested in the development of a team of regional artists. I also experimented with a distributed model of creative leadership that made it possible for large numbers of people to participate. I would like to continue this momentum by activating a State-wide expression of our desire to connect to the natural world. An investigation of philosophical and practical models of sharing responsibility for people and the environment.


Distributed 15 brings together all the threads of our work to date. It intertwines the development of regional producers and regional artists with community engagement and social responsibility. It offers a pathway to imagination and creativity for people living across the state in a way that delivers challenge and happiness.


Are you looking to engage in particular regional areas?

Our preference is for a range of communities that are diverse culturally and geographically.

There are multiple access points into the project. We are looking to identify a number of partners and elements. We need:

• Outdoor sites (fields, nature reserves, forests, dried creek beds, mountains, trails) that could benefit from the attention of humans

• Individuals or community organisations that can ensure appropriate cultural protocols are upheld in each community

• Regional people who want to develop skills in producers

• Regional artists working in different areas (illustration, animation, dance, textiles) who want to learn more about collaboration and creative process

• Community organisations that can support community consultation and host workshops

• Community organisations that can manage the infrastructure and technical requirements of an outdoor performance

• Visitor / tourist organisations that can support visitor access to legacy components (installation and augmented reality) that exist after the performance


Is what you want to discuss time-sensitive, or does it have a date for commencement or completion?

It’s important to identify regional partners soon so that sufficient consultation can occur. The project is already attracting significant support and Presenters that wish to participate need to express interest within the next 4 months.

Activity already confirmed includes:

Thread 1: The First Hug (process research, funded by Minderoo Foundation occurs in Denmark, Dec 2020)

Thread 6: Dance Artist Training ‘Choreography as an act of Social Transformation’ (supported by STRUT dance) runs 2020 – 2022)

Thread 8: Producer Training (supported by Circuitwest) commences July 2021)


What do you see as the next steps?

• Initiate conversations with interested regional organisations

• Identify potential sites and target communities and begin consultation

• Training for Distributed 15 producers commences July 2021 so communities need to be selected before then and identify a key individual for this training.


What do you hope this project will achieve, and how will you know if it has been a success?

Ultimately we hope this project results in more regionally based producers and artists creating works that are meaningful to their communities. Our intention is that the project also has a positive economic impact on the community by enhancing visitor experiences and employing local people.

We will be evaluating the project using existing research methodologies that measure the social impact of the process and work. Research from past projects is published in international journals and tertiary courses have started including ACP projects in their course material.


Tell us about any supporting materials that will help illustrate the work.

This is a really new work, so nothing to share yet. You can see the scale of my previous works by looking at https://annettecarmichael.com.au/past-projects/

I would simple love to have a chat with people who are curious about the project and interested in creating new, site-specific performance work in their town.

I’ve included a link to the Chorus documentary that describes the values and process of how we work.


Tell us about the skills and experience of the people involved

Annette Carmichael Projects Annette Carmichael Projects (ACP) is a collective of mostly regional artists and arts workers who work across contemporary performance and visual arts.

ACP collaborates with communities to create multi-art projects that have contemporary dance at their core but also include theatre, writing, music, textiles, technology and installation. Recent works include Solace+Yearning (2012 & 2014), My War? (2015), The Creation of Now (2015, commissioned by Ausdance WA), The Snake Run Project (2016, for Perth Festival and City of Albany), The Beauty Index (2017 for Brave New Works festival), A Light Shade of Red (for centenary of Armistice Day 2018) and Chorus (2020).

In May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. ACP transformed the children’s project Because of You… by Sandi Woo into an online experience that livestreamed to over 1000 people.

ACP is led by Choreographer and Creative Producer, Annette Carmichael, a nationally recognised specialist in regional cultural development and community engagement.

Annette provides professional development services to CircuitWest and PAC Australia and was Chair of the Curatorial Panel for the 2019 National Dance Forum. Between 2009 – 2013 Annette was the State’s Regional Contemporary Dance Facilitator for Ausdance WA creating the ‘Future Landings’ model for animating regional communities through dance.

Australian Dance Award (shortlist 2018 & 2012) West Australian Dance Award (winner 2011, shortlist 2013) www.annettecarmichael.com.au





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