Mortality, vitality and virility are all under the knife as cutting-edge classics mix with the best of Broadway in this Botox-pumping, lipo-sucking, wrinkle-relaxing cabaret that will take years off your life! Join these comic cougars of coloratura in their latest hit show as they explore the dubious joys of being "midults" in a world which worships youthful beauty, smooth brows and skinny thighs.

DivaLicious singers Fiona and Penny discuss, laugh at and mostly sing about the highs and lows of becoming older women; everything from struggling with weight loss, to experimenting with Botox, falling in love with unsuitable men, growing up in the 1980's, having 'cougar' moments and worrying about death (operatic style!). The show ends on a high note (literally and figuratively) in a rousing finale of "Staying Alive" and "I am what I am" delivering a positive message about enjoying the moment and the joys of maturity and being less concerned about the views of others. We are passionate about contributing to the visibility of older woman in the media, the arts and in life. We women over 40 are the ticket buyers, the decision makers and yet we rarely see our own stories reflected in the works that are presented to the public.

The show is a traditional cabaret form, Penny and Fiona interact directly with both the audience, each other and sometimes the band musicians. Good use is made of the bedroom setting, with a man from the audience being invited in for 'Too Old to cut the Mustard', Fiona having a traditional operatic death scene whilst singing 'When I am Laid' and Penny enjoying an imaginary lover in 'Arthur in the Afternoon'! The show is 85% sung with a mixture of scripted dialogue and audience interaction making up the rest. The show was directed by Nicole Stinton, created by DivaLicious Opera (Penny and Fiona) and the Musical Director is David Wickham with Finn Pearson on guitars and Barbabas Coutauld on drums.

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DivaLicious - Defying Gravity is the very funny, very clever, latest offering from the dynamite soprano duo - DivaLicious. A wry look at growing older gracefully (or disgracefully for that matter) and defying gravity, this hour long show had the audience giggling throughout, while remaining an absolutely stunning vocal performance. Starting with a very clever parody of the title song, sung essentially upside-down, the delightful divas present a wonderful selection of songs from musicals - including satirical takes on songs from Matilda, Les Misérables and Chess, some vintage surprises and of course, a touch of opera.


Fresh, funny, feminist, with fabulous frocks, DivaLicious - Defying Gravity is a celebration of a show, where the audience leave smiling and singing. Not to be missed. 5 stars: ★★★★★

Kimberley Shaw ARTSHUB

Sometimes you will hear your mum at home having a good old rant about how she’s getting older, fatter, and less “appealing to the eye” only to have a chuckle at themselves. Divalicious is the epitome of what we can’t talk about publicly, but when someone brings it up, we go full steam ahead. Without revealing too much, the show gives everyone an insight to how women feel when the Golden 50s and Swinging 60s hit them, not emotionally, but physically.

Adam Di Tullio