DivaLicious – Festive Frolics!

A Christmas show with a twist as DivaLicious put their own unique stamp on some seasonal favourites!

DivaLicious soprano Fiona decides to take the audience back in time to get to the heart of Christmas and it’s historical traditions, Penny, however, has other ideas. A comic take on some Christmas favourites and of course some beautiful harmonies, O Holy Night, Walking in the Air, White Christmas, A simple Christmas Wish and many more. The divas diverge into discussions of chores, cooking, and how to avoid those “supercalorificchristmasnibblesonthetable” and what they might be presenting for lunch this year…Quokkas roasting on an open fire, anyone?


Form and Style

Presented cabaret style, spoken and sung directly to the audience. Minimal set, chair, Christmas decorations, piano.


CAST Penny Shaw, Fiona Cooper Smyth


WRITTEN BY – Penny Shaw, Fiona Cooper Smyth


This is a Christmas Show


Cabaret, Comedy, Musical Theatre, Opera


Our shows usually attract an older audience, both the Moora and Geraldton shows were Morning Melodies, mostly retired and predominantly female.


1 hour

Bump In

3 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


- Cost per performance: $4,000*
- Remount $1,200*
- No royalties
*Fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Penny Shaw
0409 886 522

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Venue Format

Can work in all formats

Technical Rating


Touring Party

3 if we are touring to a venue which has technical staff. 1 pianist, 2 singer.


Show Warnings: Nil

First possible performance: 2 hours after bump in

Minimum break between shows: 1 hour

Minimum stage width: 4 m

Minimum stage depth: 3m

Staging and Set Description: Chair in the middle of the stage, lectern on stage left, piano stage right. Lots of decorations!

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Whatever is available

Audio provided by the company: We can bring a keyboard, small PA and 2 microphones

Audio to be provided by the venue: Ideally piano, PA and 2 handheld microphones

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 2 staff, 4 hour call for each

Dressing Rooms Required: 1