At the edges of reality, anything and everything is possible with this wizard. Spells, potions, levitations, time manipulation and exploring new dimensions...

At the edges of reality, anything and everything is possible. Spells, potions, levitations, time manipulation and exploring new dimensions… Anything can happen as a lost wizard needs the audience’s help to complete his mission.

There is something for the whole family in this interactive whimsical display of fantasy magic brought back by due to popular demand.


Form and Style 

This is a complete remount of the 45-minute show featuring strong visual magic, character play, interactive vignettes and inspirational messages for the young ones. Perfect for ages 5 to 105.

Depending on venue capability, large interactive background projections can be used to accentuate the performance.


Community and Audience Engagement 

– Roll out of customised marketing plan, in collaboration with the venue / organiser (sample attached)
– Roll out of customised community engagement plan, in collaboration with venue / organiser (sample attached)
– Use of personnal WA wide mailing list
– Use of online marketing (FB, Insragram, etc) – Organic and paid
– Media Releases, interviews (Writen media, TV or Radio) and pre show activations can be ogranised
– Templates for flyers, posters and banners for the venue / organiser provided for distribution


Available Marketing

– Roll out of extensive marketing plan, in collaboration with the venue / organiser (sample attached)
– Poster, flyer templates.
– Imagery and promotional meterial for digital (tiles, banners, etc)

– Video collateral is available (will be updated for the campaign)


★★★★★ ‘Brilliant’ – The Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe 2020).


Written and Performed by: Pierre Ulric
Staging and lighting design by: Odin Covington


From 1 January 2022


Children / Family, Magic


Children and Families


45 + 15 minute Q&A

Bump In

4 hours

Bump Out

1.5 hours


Weekly Cost: $6,500
Cost per performance: $2,200
Remount: $500
Royalties: 5%
*Above fees do not include travel costs

Company Contacts

Pierre Ulric
0456 777 240

Company Website


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Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust

Touring Party



Show Warnings: N/A

First possible performance: 1 hour post bump-in

Minimum break between shows: 80 minutes

Minimum stage width: 5 metres

Minimum stage depth: 2 metres

Minimum stage height: 0.5 metres

Minimum wing space: 1 metre

Lighting provided by the company: Floor based LED bar (UV & Mini Spots), short throw projector and connections, live stream camera and connections, projection management via lap-top using QLAB.

Lighting provided to be provided by the venue: Front and side stage wash (RGBW) with – DMX, lighting rig specification sheet (channels, fixture patch list), fresnels and profiles lights to suit the stage this is desirable but not essential, stage HDMI output linking to tech desk (alternatively, direct access to desk from stage wings is required.)

Audio provided by the company: Wireless head-set microphone and receiver, music playback via lap-top using QLAB.

Audio to be provided by the company: Theatrical stereo sound system to suit the venue, stage D/I box(es) to accommodate 1x XLR and 1x 1/4″ mono input (alternatively, direct access to mixer from stage wings is required), sound mixing desk (4 channels min), one hand-held (wired or wireless) microphone connected to amplification system on a straight or boom stand, set on stage, foldback is desirable but not essential.

Dressing rooms required: 1