Famous Sharron’s Love Match

Married three times, Shaz is a relationship expert. Join her and her celebrity ball handlers as she finds out if there is such a thing as the ‘perfect match’.

After smash-hit seasons at FRINGE WORLD, Perth Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival with celebrity guests from Married at First Sight, The Bachelor and the Real Housewives of Sydney, Famous Sharron returns to show you what all the racquet is about.


Form and Style


Comedy, interactive, special guests.


Community Engagement


By its nature, the show is interactive, as it seeks to make celebrities our of local community members. There is the options for community comedy workshop. There is the opportunity for collaborating with local events, for example, Sharron recently did a huge tour of Regional Arts Centres for Freighting Ideas/Art on the Move.


Marketing Available


Full marketing kit, professional imagery, video and trailer.


The home court advantage was played to maximum effect and the Famous Miss Sharron was ably supported by her celebrity ball handlers Mackane Reid from The Bachelor and local journalist Michaela Carr, who were never far from being reminded that “it’s not your show doll”, lest they stole too much of the limelight…. If there is one takeaway from Love Match that stands as a marker of the show’s success it would have to be that when Game, Set & Match was called not a single audience member left in a bad mood. Of course it didn’t hurt that the evening’s festivities were capped off with a generous serving of celebrity selfies with Famous Sharron herself.

– Out in Perth

From the outset, Famous Sharron is captivating, engaging her audience immediately. In this case, audience members seated at the back were invited to fill the sparsely populated front row – a situation that some might find terrifying (sitting in the front often makes you a target for comedians) – but with Sharron’s warm personality the invitation was irresistible and soon we had a full front row of girls who had come in tennis gear just for the occasion.

– Winning at Failing


Creator and Performer: Bonnie Davies

Featuring special guests.


Negotiable, 2021




Ages late 20s+, single persons


1 hour

Bump In

Less than 2 hours

Bump Out

Approx 1 hour


Weekly fee:
N/A, shows usually presented across a Friday and Saturday evening rather than longer seasons
Cost per performance:
$2,500 + GST, to be negotiated
Remount costs:

Company Contacts

Vince Cargeeg
0422 258 276

Company Website


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Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust, big top, marquee, in the round.

Technical Rating

(D) - Bump-in 4 hours or under, 1 or 2 technicians, show can use existing lighting rig with minor adjustments, show can use existing sound system, simple or no set, no fly tower, touring staff operate show, stage size - flexible

Touring Party



Minimum Break Between Shows
30 minutes
Minimum Stage Width (metres)
Minimum Stage Depth (metres)
Minimum Stage Height (metres)
No. people in Touring Party
Staging and Set Description
Fringe style, hand held props and backdrop erected by performer/crew/
Lighting – provided by company
Lighting Requirements – to be provided by venue
Simple backwash
Audio – provided by company
Audio Requirements – to be provided by venue
Basic PA, mixing desk, combined sound and LX operater. Cuesheet and audio files provided in USB.
No. of additional staff (and staff hours) required from venue
Sound/LX operator x 1.
Dressing rooms required