Feeling Good

" FEELING GOOD" music to feed your soul. A warm and engaging performance, where the music reaches in and gives your heart a good massage and then wraps its arms around you for a big hug and leaves you – feeling good.

Pop, jazz and blues and everything in between. Celebrating music of the world’s favourite divas this performance weaves together favourite hits and stories from their lives. Fabulous music, fabulous musicians, what more could you ask?’

The show affectionately highlights some of the world’s favourite female piano-playing singers of all time.
The artists range from jazz greats Peggy Lee, Nina Simone and Diana Krall to pop diva Carole King and the sublime Norah Jones.
With sophisticated cabaret styling Sue Bluck’s Quartet brings to life the emotions and lifelong passions of these amazing women.
Anecdotal snippets and stories weave through the show giving an insight into the lives, beliefs, challenges and contributions of these amazing women.
‘Feeling Good’ is an uplifting enjoyable celebration of wonderful music performed with heartfelt respect and skill by a group of seasoned West Australian professional musicians.


Form and Style 

Please listen to the Quartet on Sue’s webpage www.suebluck.com.au on the music tab.

In 2 x 45 mins to 1 hour sets, the quartet presents the music in a Cabaret setting with theatrical styling where possible. (Keyboards/Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Bass and Drums).
Sue narrates stories from the lives of the women in between musical numbers. The band supports and contributes to the patter. Some audience interaction is included, with the band supplying handheld percussion instruments and having fun with the audience.
percussion instruments and having fun with the audience.
Optional Extra:
If the mood takes you and space allows, after the show, for a negotiated fee, the band can provide some wonderful dance music.


Community and Audience Engagement 

Radio interviews
A display on the lives of some of the featured performers can be set up in the foyer leading up to the show.

Each individual member of the group is competent to conduct workshops (3 of the members are WAAPA lecturers) for members of the community in various areas. Either ‘performance’ workshops or ‘academic’ music subjects can be taught.

Workshops are available in the following formats:
• Individual instruments/lessons – piano, guitar, bass or drum
• Ensemble work for students, with the performers assisting in running a rehearsal, giving tips and feedback to students.
Feedback / adjudication on student performances/eisteddfods/assessments.
Opportunity for players or singers in the community to rehearse or record a song (if facilities are available) accompanied by the quartet. For example, the quartet can provide backing for an artist to explore arrangements of their music.


Available Marketing 

Media Release
Post card
Provide FB posts, Instagram


Sue Bluck, Concept and Musical Director, piano and vocals
John Pin, guitar and vocals
Joe Powell, bass and vocals
Garry Howard, drums and vocals


Available to tour!




30+, lovers of good music, any gender


2 x 45 mins ( 20 min interval)

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

1 hour


- Weekly Fee: $10,500 (based off 5 performances p/week)
- Cost per performance: $2,800
- Remount: N/A
- Royalties: N/A
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Pippa Davis
0408 907 675

Company Website



Please listen to the Quartet on Sue’s webpage www.suebluck.com.au on the music tab.

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Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust

Touring Party

4 Cast + 1 Crew = 5


Show Warnings: N/A

First possible performance: 2 hours post bump-out

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage width: 6 metres

Minimum stage depth: 5 metres

Minimum stage height: 3 metres

Lighting provided by the company: N/A

Lighting to be provided by the venue: 4 colour wash + 6 specials. 2 ( Piano + vox) 1 per instrument.

Audio provided by the company: Individual instrument amplifiers and individual instruments.

Audio to be provided by the company: P.A. House PA – vocal and instrument mics, vocal monitors, as per Stage plot. If possible and available a Grand Piano (tuned)-otherwise a keyboard will be provided by the artists.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 2 x Tech’s – Bump in and set up 2hrs, Show call x LX and Sound Tech. Bump out 1 hr.

Dressing rooms required: 2