• I’m not the one that’s a freak, I’m fully Sikh


Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa shot to fame in Australia and around the world with her poetry on Australia’s Got Talent. But before she went viral, Sukhjit was a brown, hairy Sikh girl growing in the Perth suburbs. Fully Sikh is her story.
The show is a heartfelt and hilarious poetic procession through Sukhjit’s life, her family and her faith, all told through her trademark lyrical flow. Fully Sikh will be a sensory feast for audiences, full of music, dance, poetry and food. The first Aussie Sikh story to hit our stages, this is a unique and unmissable show.

Duration of performance: 60 Minutes

Interval: No

Maximum performances a week: 8

Remount: $12,200

Weekly Fee $11,000

Royalties: 14%

Performance available from: January 2020

No. people in Touring Party: 2 cast + 2 crew = 4

Bump-in Time: 12 hours

Bump-out Time: 3 hours

First Possible Performance: Morning of 2nd day

Minimum Break Between Shows: 3 hours

Theatre formats: Pros Arch, Black Box

Minimum stage width: 10 metres

Minimum stage depth: 8 metres

Minimum stage height: 4 metres

Minimum Wing Space: 2.5 metres

Set description:
Whilst the set design has not yet been finalised at the time of writing, it is expected that it will comprise two L shaped kitchen bench units (or appear to be kitchen bench units with a sink and a stovetop) which sit stage left, and stage right. These will be on castors allowing the possibility of movement during the performance. Upstage centre there will be a kitchen style cabinet unit with central double doors. These three predominant set pieces will rest on a large (5m x 7m at time of writing) Persian style carpet or rug (this may or may not actually be a rug, it may just appear to be). The two L shaped units, and the upstage cabinet will be designed in such a way to hide drawers and secret tricks such as a garden within a cupboard, elements of a supermarket, cinema, etc as required by the script. Spreading out from the set to the sides and above the stage will be multiple lines for ‘washing’ and hanging clothing elements, which will be added throughout the performance. The overall intention is to serve the main location of Sukhjit’s kitchen, whilst providing key indications of periphery locations such as the supermarket, cinema, etc as described above.

Lighting - provided by company: TBA

Lighting requirements - to be provided by venue: TBA

Audio - provided by company: TBA

Audio Requirements - to be provided by venue: TBA

No. of additional lighting staff required from venue: 3 for Bump in, 1 for show calls

No. of additional sound staff required from venue: 1 for bump in, 0 for show calls

No. multi-taskers required from venue: 2 for bump in, 0 for show calls

Dressing rooms required: 2

Other technical or performance notes:
This work is currently in development, so much of the technical aspects are yet to be finalized, however, the work is being designed with touring

Marketing collateral:
A full suite of marketing materials will be available to suit you.

Community engagement:
A community engagement program can be tailored to your community’s specific needs and will include fun and interactive activities that relate directly to the show. More general workshops are also available through the Gecko Ensemble and we are happy to discuss these either as a part of Fully Sikh or as a separate engagement.

Target market:
12+ (Coming of age, and family story) Sikh community Non-Anglo communities – kids with a sense of difference, not part of mainstream. Indian community. Sukhjit has a large on-line following, and is often recognised wherever she goes.