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Ghenoa Gela | My Urrwai



The sell-out hit of the recent Sydney Festival at Belvoir, Ghenoa Gela has created a funny, frank and deeply personal story of life, love and the struggle for acceptance in modern Australia.
Drawing on her Torres Strait heritage and experience of growing up on the mainland, the show provides a window into TSI culture for white audiences while celebrating and honouring the stories and traditions of her family and people. She doesn’t pull any punches, raising real concerns about police brutality and racial profiling, the lasting impact of religion and colonialism, and the tension between respecting culture and embracing a queer identity.
The response was remarkable. My Urrwai received stellar reviews, completely sold out, and resonated deeply with audience members. Supported by a team of renowned creatives including Rachael Maza, Kate Champion, Michael Hankin, Ania Reynolds and Niklas Pajanti, the show was a highlight of the festival. We’ve got confirmed interest in presentations in 2018 and 2019. We would love to get this vitally important and deeply resonant story to Western Australia.
“My Urrwai is exquisitely simple storytelling of immense meaning and purpose; engaging, entertaining and enlightening.” – Sydney Arts Guide