In a world where the Noongar language is spoken by all, a yarn about a Scottish king is retold.

Join us for Australia’s first large-scale Shakespeare production entirely in Noongar. Hecate, queen of the witches, is usually omitted from productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Most directors are unsure of what to do with her. Here, she is at the heart of everything watching as Macbeth strives toward power at any cost, all the while knowing that order must be restored; that Country always trumps human ambition and greed. Having spent years studying and reclaiming their endangered Noongar language, a star ensemble uses this audacious adaptation as a springboard to showcase its poetic and expressive qualities.


Form & Style

Hecate is a theatrical adaptation and translation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth into the endangered Noongar language. The production is performed entirely in Noongar, without subtitles, by 9 actors.


Community and Audience Engagement

We expect each venue to engage with their local First Nations community prior the production, and can aid your venue in contacting Elders and other members of your local community.

It is a condition of performing Hecate that local cultural protocols for greeting and hosting guests are adhered to. Additionally, we will require a cultural cleansing of your space that adheres to your Country’s cultural protocols prior to technical rehearsal. This is to ensure the cultural safety of both our performers and your community, as well as helps inform the local community about the show.

Please contact us for more information as to our cultural requirements when coming to your region, and how you will need to engage with your community to keep our community safe.


Available Marketing

Yirra Yaakin will provide a complete marketing package and marketing support including:
– High resolution press and hero images??
– Marketing copy

– Several video trailers
– A complete marketing kit
– A complete education kit
– Program and poster templates


‘[Hecate] honours both Shakespeare’s famous tragedy and the triumph of a much older culture asserting its right to be heard – and spoken. ‘ -The Australian

‘It’s a towering achievement.’ – ArtsHub



March 2021




This production is suitable for patrons aged 12+. Our target audience are First Nations patrons, and/or those who are interested in the revitalisation of language, and/or those who are interested in Shakespeare.


90 minutes

Bump In

20 hours

Bump Out

8 hours


- Weekly Fee: $35,000. Please note: we are applying for funding which will ensure that the weekly fee will be partially covered.

- Remount $$86,000. Please note: we are applying for funding which will ensure that the remount will be fully covered.

- Royalties: 15%

*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Elinor King, Producer
0428 718 378

Company Website


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Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Corner thrust, thrust

Touring Party



First possible performance: Evening of third day

Minimum break between shows: 4 hours

Minimum stage width: 10m

Minimum stage depth: 10m

Minimum stage height: 4.2m to lighting bar

Staging and Set Description: Uneven / raked staging – Custom Gauze – 2000L of Water onstage pool – Kabookie Drop – Backdrop / Painted wall

Lighting provided by the company: 9 birdies, 6 150w Ql Floods, 1 x pool light. .esf file will be provided.

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Venue should provide two projectors with a vision mixer, and 12 movers. Gel to be provided by venue. A light frost (R119 or similar) to be available if required. ETC Eos Desk w/ fader wing

Audio provided by the company: Mac with Qlab.

Audio to be provided by the venue: 2 x Foldback onstage overhead speakers

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 3 lighting, 1 sound, 4 multitaskers

Dressing Rooms Required: Minimum 2

Other technical or performance notes: Please contact Yirra Yaakin for full technical specifications.