Imaginaerial delves into the daily struggle through breath-taking aerial and acrobatic feats and presents an imagined reality of how our minds could function.

Imaginaerial tells a story of the “daily struggle” as expressed through aerial and acrobatic feats. Though a mix of physical artistry, athleticism and scientific underpinnings, the audience is taken on a journey through the timeline of life. The characters experience of life varies as they partake in numerous, seemingly normal, everyday activities that impact neural pathways. How does physical activity impact your mental well-being? What about excessive alcohol consumption or a sleepless night? Told through individual character development and the relationship between them, the characters are pulled in different directions and a divide forms between them. Early on in the piece, the daily grind and stresses of life leads one of the characters to a dark place and alludes to suicide. As the story progresses they improve their mental state through creating new neural pathways. This is expressed through the formation of good habits; healthy eating, adequate sleep, stress reduction and more. The story leaves the audience with hope. No matter where you might find yourself in life there is always a way to step closer towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Imaginaerial seeks to empower people to take small steps towards a brighter future.


Form and Style
Imaginaerial is a duo aerial and acrobatic show that delves into the “daily struggle”. The characters represent your average working class citizen, trying to navigate day-to-day life.
Work, relationships, children, bills, diet, exercise and more. The show is filled with both duo and solo aerial artistry; ranging from a beautifully crafted and unique duo aerial apparatus to an intense blinded rope act. The aerial acts flow seamlessly into quirky, satirical and serious ground skits and acrobatics that help piece the storyline together.
A delightful soundtrack accompanied by theatrical lighting helps takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. From intense static sounds and heartbeats, to upbeat 80s aerobics and blissful dream state tracks, there is no shortage of variety within this show.

Community and Audience Engagement:

Available to run circus workshops throughout the week. Kaleido Company is an arts and health organisation that seeks to promote mental health through increasing engagement in the arts. Our workshops are designed around engagement, having a go and celebrating uniqueness. Producer and performer Sarah Green has a background in psychological sciences and public health and seeks to bring this into all aspects of Kaleido Company. We also have a mental health nurse who is able to tour with us upon request. Please contact us for further information on this.

Coupling performances with social circus workshops enables the community to experience circus for themselves in an interactive and engaging manner. Please see attached document under Presenter Resources for the benefits of circus on mental well-being. Spending time within the community helps you to connect with the locals and engage in conversations surrounding the production.


Available marketing:

Professional imagery, posters and flyers, promo video, media release. Social media posts, website promotion, mailing list.


“I cried, I laughed, I left flabbergasted. The theme of this extraordinary 2 woman show is “ the daily struggle “ . it cleverly weaves aerial circus with comedy , drama and theatre as it follows the life of a couple moving through stages of life. The performance brilliantly manages to physically embody emotional states in a way reminiscent of modern dance and is set to a banging 80ies sound track . A real treat ” REVIEWED BY TOBY BELL 2020

“A brilliant performance of artistic prowess, involving two gorgeous girls with outstanding flexibility, grace and strength. The acrobatics was incredibly well-choreographed, and the performance touched on a range of genres and emotional topics that resonated with the whole audience. Would definitely recommend that everyone and anyone go see Imaginaerial – an imaginative delight” REVIEWED BY KIT PRENDERGAST 2020

“It is just amazingballs what the human body can achieve and these highly trained artists go full out in their lastest show Imaginaerial, leaving you at many times breathless, panting, and on the edge of your seat with their feats of athletic artistry and daring woven into a background of a some of life’s realities told by drama, physical theatre, comedy and at times a feast of visual delight.” REVIEWED BY C MAYHEW 2020



Available with at least 2 months notice


Circus and Physical Theatre


Working class, males and females, individuals experiencing the "daily struggle"


45 minutes

Bump In

1 hour

Bump Out

1 hour


- Weekly Fee: $6,500*
- Cost per performance: $3,000*
- No remount
- No royalties
*Fees Negotiable - costs above include a technician, which we prefer, but let's talk.
*Above fees do not include touring costs
*Additional costs for workshops due to equipment hire

Company Contacts

Sarah Green
0490 770 244


Venue Format

All venues as long as they meet the space requirements as per below.

Technical Rating


Touring Party

2 performers + 1 technician


Show Warnings: Alludes to mental health struggles; fog machine in use

First possible performance: 3 hours after bump in

Minimum break between shows: Next day

Minimum stage width: 8 metres

Minimum stage depth: 8 metres

Minimum stage height: 6.6 metres

Staging and Set Description: Portable aerial rig footprint 5x7m, box set-up directly behind the rig

Lighting provided by the company: Floods and robo lights running into a lighting desk cued by a laptop

Lighting to be provided by the venue: N/A – maybe someone to hit “play”. The entire show runs as a track where the lighting is cued directly off the music.

Audio provided by the company: One 45min track.

Audio to be provided by the venue: N/A – as per lighting

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: Minimum 1 helper for lifting props etc. during set-up and pack-down.

Dressing Rooms Required: Not compulsory

Other technical or performance notes: The entire show is able to run from the hit of a play button. We can operate this from side-stage