Bewitched and Bedevilled... Performer Natalie Allen transforms, she’s no longer Julia Gillard, she’s not ‘that woman’, she’s every woman. Powerful and defiant (Out in Perth). If you are a woman or know a woman, then this show is for you!

A compelling solo work performed by one of Australia’s best contemporary dancers created from the parliamentary record, media reportage and public commentary around the political leadership of Australia’s first female Prime Minster, Julia Gillard.

“…And I say to the Leader of the Opposition I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. I will not. And the Government will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. Not now, not ever…and if he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror. That’s what he needs…”

Positioned as a form of ‘public’ gallery, visible and yet also voyeuristic, the mood is one of high stakes drama. Lighting and sound (a blend of sampled voice, news bite and original composition) re-create both the world of Gillard and the media circus she was a part of, providing an exciting, powerful and entertaining reflection on a controversial period in Australian politics. Allen dances, moving in and around the audience, every move she makes, every gesture is visible, this is a timely and compelling portrait that reflects on female leadership, personality, power and the body politic.

If you are a woman, and you know a woman, this show is for you!!

[Scheduled to open in 2021]
Form and Style:
This is a dynamic dance theatre performance that will rock your socks off!
Suitable for presentation in a range of audience configurations & formats. A simple staging combined with dynamic visual projections makes this an exciting totally immersive experience for the audience.
An hour of artistry, beauty, politics and high drama the work can be presented stand alone (60 mins) or combined with local dance curtain raiser, or offers exciting pre/post performance engagement opportunities with local womens groups to host speaker events/critical responses to the role women & leadership in their communities.

Community and Audience Engagement:

Julia Gillard is a well known (historic & contemporary) public figure that will attract a wide audience.

There is potential to develop a local youth dance curtain raiser (as in the tik tok video that went viral inspired by the ‘Misogyny speech’)

Also, exciting pre/post performance engagement opportunities with local women’s groups to host focused speaker events/critical responses to the role of women & their leadership in their communities.
About the people involved:
Natalie Allen (Performer/co-creator/co-producer) is an award-winning dancer with an extensive professional career. She has collaborated/ performed work by leading choreographers from Australia & around the world; Leigh Warren, Rafael Bonachela, Adam Linder, Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, Larrisa McGowan, Alexander Ekman, Gary Stewart, Natalie Weir, Alexander Whitley, Gwyn Emberton, William Forysthe, Samantha Chester, Sally Richardson & Richard Cilli. Allen has been creating work since 2013 which has been presented locally, nationally & internationally. In recent years, Allen & collaborator Samuel Harnett-Welk were the 2019 International Strut SEED Residents at Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, creating a new duet titled Arca. Climacteric a solo work that originated as a site-specific work for In Situ 2017 was redesigned in 2018 for Micromove at the Blue Room Theatre & then presented at the 2019 Contact M1 Festival, Singapore. A Night Out! a community generated show reinventing social dance, created in 2017, touring regional WA in 2019. In 2019 Natalie performed in Maxine Doyle’s Sunset for Perth Festival & joined the cast of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More in Shanghai. https://www.steamworks.net.au/biographies/natalie-allen
Sally Richardson (Director/co-creator/co-producer) is an award-winning writer/director & producer. She has worked for companies & organisations; Black Swan Theatre Company, Perth Theatre Company, Deckchair Theatre, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, The Flying Fruitfly Circus, Malthouse Theatre, Company Belvoir, NICA, NAISDA, WAAPA, CIRCA & ABC Radio. Productions of her work have been awarded Helpmann, Green Room, Blue Room, Ausdance WA Awards, Dance Australia Critics Choice & been presented at major arts festivals nationally (Sydney, Perth & Melbourne) & internationally including Shanghai International Arts Festival, Beijing Dance Festival & Sao Paolo Festival. She has created works across multiple platforms in Australia & overseas. She is a past recipient of an Australia Council Dramaturgy Fellowship & a Creative Arts Fellowship (DCAWA). She is Artistic Director of Steamworks Arts (since 2000). Dance/theatre works include; the multi award winning The Drover’s Wives, Standing Bird & Standing Bird 2 & GUI SHU (Belong). Sally has collaborated on projects with choreographers; Sue Peacock, Felicity Bott, Rakini Devi, Shannon Bott, Kynan Hughes, Company Loaded, Stefan Karlsson, Danielle Micich, Daisy Sanders, Jodie Farrugia & others. She has directed/ produced dance films; The Drover’s Wives, Standing Bird 1 & 2, VAKA & Eliza, Belonging & JHIH exhibiting films nationally & internationally. Recent works inc.; Trigger Warning (PLWA & PICA), FEARLESS & CATCH! for MAXIMA Circus, dance/theatre work Flesh & Bones Micromove & Kiss Club & MEDEA for Black Swan Theatre Company. She developed #thatwomanjulia with Natalie Allen for Strut’s Shortcuts then NEXT for Move Me Festival 2018.
STEAMWORKS ARTS (producers) create intelligent, passionate & visceral performances in collaboration with multi-disciplined artists including designers, choreographers, performers, writers, composers & filmmakers. The result is challenging & relevant works that combine contemporary ideas with a powerful theatricality. Since 2000 our productions have garnered critical acclaim & toured regionally, nationally & internationally. We actively seek to break down the boundaries between different art forms exploring & develop new languages in the creation of original works. We seek to shape an Australian performing arts culture that reflects & engages with our changing society & the region in which we live. We are committed to collaborations with both emerging & established artists & companies, while actively championing the voice, presence & creativity of women in the performing arts https://www.steamworks.net.au/

Available Marketing:

  • High quality Video (broadcast quality)
  • Photographs
  • Media release
  • Artwork various



…an extremely clever piece…choreography had the exact right amalgamation and blending of subtle nuances and tongue n cheek squirm in your seat sudden blasts of shock tactics… (Fourth Wall Media)‍


…Allen dressed in a snazzy grey pantsuit, bright red wig and high heels stands in front of the desk and is power personified…the talented Allen twirls and strides and rails at her detractors. Richardson’s clear-eyed direction, the colour scheme (red, grey, blue), the sound composition and Allen’s intermittently frozen movements make you feel you are watching the pages of the newspaper come to life. It’s fun, farcical and cartoon-like, treating contemptuously the culture of misogyny and sexism, and reminding us that it is still prevalent… (Rita Clarke, The Australian)




March 2021


Ballet and Dance, Participatory and Immersive, Theatre and Puppetry




60 mins

Bump In

3-4 hours

Bump Out

1-2 hours


- Weekly Fee: $6,000
- Remount: $6,000
- Royalties: 10%
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Sally Richardson
0408 925 769

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Venue Format

multiple formats

Touring Party



First possible performance: same day

Minimum break between shows: two hours

Minimum stage width: 8-10m

Minimum stage depth: 8m

Minimum stage height: 4m

Staging and Set Description: Table + chair + props

Lighting provided by the company: None

Lighting to be provided by the venue: In house pre-rig

Audio provided by the company: Q-Lab

Audio to be provided by the venue: In-house sound system

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 x lighting, 1 x multi-tasker

Dressing Rooms Required: 1

Other technical or performance notes: projector required