A faux foreign film live on stage.

From the multi-award winning team behind IT’S DARK OUTSIDE, THE IRRESISTIBLE, NEW OWNER, and ALVIN SPUTNIK comes a deeply romantic visual extravaganza that will reignite your love of humanity. Somewhere in the northern seas lies the small island nation of Sólset. Once a thriving metropolis, a decades-long drought has plagued the community and only a hopeful few remain. A faux foreign film performed live each night, Perth theatre makers The Last Great Hunt combine cinematic mastery and theatrical magic to tell interwoven stories of love in a world that’s falling apart. Premiering at Perth Festival 2019, Lé Nør [the rain] invites the audience to witness both the onscreen story and the behind-the-scenes action in a nostalgic celebration of everything worth fighting for.

Lé Nør [the rain] is a live filmic and theatrical experience. A giant semi-transparent screen sits centre stage, around which lie various set pieces, props, models, camera stations and miniature lighting rigs. The performers work in front of and behind the screen, building each scene from scratch with the materials at hand and performing to one of three cameras onstage, for the finished product to be projected live on the screen via one of two mounted projectors; the audience is a witness to both the on-screen product, and the theatrical trickery utilised onstage to create it. Lé Nør [the rain] is set in the fictional island nation of Sølset, whose inhabitants speak a language made up by The Last Great Hunt team (generally a mixture of German and Scandinavian variants). All dialogue is translated into English via surtitles which are projected to the top of the screen.

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Natalie Di Risio

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"Superbly executed...a sheer delight!"

- The Australian

It’s a technical achievement, with a personality and charisma, like nothing we’ve seen from a West Australian company. "

- Seesaw Magazine