Let’s Make Love

… take my hand and let’s make love – or at least let’s create the love hormone together For this special one-on-one performance, Jen Jamieson and an audience member create oxytocin aka the ‘love hormone’ in an intimate performance driven by adventure, touch and trust. In a screen-saturated world where time and eye contact are in short supply Let’s Make Love offers a chance to tune into your own biology and take a moment to pause. Opening with a hug and propelled by conversation, Jamieson offers a controlled experiment for generating the feeling that makes the world go around. So, come on…let’s make love! A woman approaches and asks, “are you here for love?” You nod, maybe with hesitation and answer “yes” The woman tells you that you’ll be going for a walk together and gestures for you to follow, she warns you that when you both get to that point over there, she will hug you. She stops and turns to you and hugs you for a long time. You attempt to break the hug and realise that she is not letting go, you relax into this and your breath slows right down, all of a sudden a timer goes off, the woman tells you “that was a 1-minute hug”. You walk off together to think about this hormone called Oxytocin…

Let’s Make Love is a performance for one audience member at a time, that has been presented at Liveworks Festival in Sydney and two Proximity Festivals in Perth. It has also been presented in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum and The Australian Museum in Sydney. The work has also had one-night stands at Dark MOFO festival in Hobart and the ArtsHouse in Melbourne.

The performance can be tailored to last between 10-30 minutes and is site specific. In Fremantle, it was staged on the roof of heritage Fremantle Arts Centre, in Singapore in the Oculus area overlooking Singapore harbour and Marina Bay Sands shopping precinct, in Sydney it was on a purpose-built scaffold tower and in Perth CDB a platform was created on a rooftop balcony next to an abandoned church.

The work is roving – artist and audience participant walk from a starting point, talking and strolling to finish at a ‘magical’ final location where they lie down side by side holding hands looking up at the sky around them.


Form and Style
Let’s Make Love is a roving piece, ending at a somewhat ‘magical’ location separate to the starting point. The journey taken by artist and audience is a slow stroll as they talk and move through the venue location. The end point is a large blue silk ‘pillow’ big enough for 2 people to lay down on side-by-side holding hands. This ‘pillow-bed’ can be on a rooftop, platform, scaffold tower, or secluded area, ideally outdoors so that as the artist and participant lie down they are looking at the stars or clouds and sky. However, the ‘pillow-bed’ can work indoors if needed or in case of extreme weather conditions. Let’s Make Love has been both a ticketed work in a festival context and a free live art installation in a gallery context.


“Even in 20 minutes, Jamieson creates moments that are variously calming, emotional and melancholy so effectively that it feels like a wrench when the show is over.” -Garry Maddox October 17, 2017 — Sydney Morning Herald

“It’s hard to pick favourites, but if pressed Jen Jamieson’s Let’s Make Love (Program B) is the one. An informal conversation about oxytocin, aka “the love hormone”, Jamieson’s work is less science lecture and more a life lesson in connecting with other humans.” – Nina Levy October 2, 2017 – Seesaw

“Gazing at the sky whilst contemplating oxytocin with Jamieson by my side I feel perfectly content.” – Audience Member


Created and performed by Jen Jamieson


No preference, with enough notice any dates


Multidisciplinary, Participatory / Interactive


Curious audience members willing to have an adventure; audiences for this work have ranged from 80 year old retirees, to six year old children, from Singapore to a late night costume ball in Hobart


Each 'session' can be 10 - 30 minutes, and can be repeated up to 10 times in a performance day/night

Bump In

8 hours

Bump Out

4 hours


- Weekly Fee: $1,200
- Cost per performance: $275
- Remount: $500
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Jen Jamieson
0413 718 266

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Venue Format

Unique spaces that allow some walking to a somewhat secluded location

Technical Rating


Touring Party



Show Warnings: Nil

First possible performance: Next day

Minimum break between shows: 8-10 sessions per day; 5 days straight then at least a day’s break

Minimum stage width: 4 metres

Minimum stage depth: 4 metres

Minimum stage height: 4 metres

Lighting to be provided by the venue: Natural and simple stage lighting

Audio provided by the company: Bluetooth speaker

Audio to be provided by the venue: Nil

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: Usher/stage manager for duration

Dressing Rooms Required: 1