Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa

Pack your suitcase, slap on some sunscreen and join the koalas and wombats for a magical vacation at Miss Lily’s tropical holiday house.

The guests at Miss Lily’s Tropical Holiday House enjoy relaxing days and cheerful company – and no one needs it more than the lonely Last Potoroo, who has lost her way and is feeling a bit out of place. When Miss Lily takes to the stage with her fabulous feather boa the timid Potoroo is filled with the feeling that she could do anything, if only the feather boa could be hers. Soon a plan is set in motion with very unexpected consequences…

Adapted for the stage by Michael Barlow from the book by Margaret Wild and Kerry Argent, Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa is an entertainment delight for the whole family! The bright and colourful characters will have audience members dancing in their seats as they follow this heart-warming story.

Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa is a funny and dramatic work, full of delights and surprises, which has at its heart a message of the transformative power of kindness, acceptance and zest for life.


Form and Style



Community and Audience Engagement

– Audiences will be invited to contribute to an ever growing Boa, given given the prompt, “What makes you feel as though you can do anything?” Participants respond by writing on a feather made of recycled paper. Their feathers will be added to an ever growing boa, which can be displayed in the foyer of the theatre.
– Q & A session at the end of each performance, where the audience can meet the performers & puppets ask questions.
– the presenter will be given digital Creative Learning packs that can be sent to schools. These packs have activities and points for discussion that are linked to the education curriculum.

– Marketing support on our Facebook page and Instagram


Available Marketing 

Flyers, posters, media release, promotional video, photographs.


“…Irreverent and hilarious, the ending literally garners an audible ‘awww.’”- ★★★★ – The Australia Times


Performers: Cezera Critti-Schnaars, Ming Yang Lim
Director/Adapting Writer: Michael Barlow
Designer/Puppet Maker: Iona McAuley
Composer: Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer: Karen Cook
Puppet makers: Sanjiva Margio & Lyndell Darch
Production Manager: Jackson Harrison


Not available to tour


Children and Families, Theatre and Puppetry


Children - Ages 5 - 12, Adults


45 minutes + 10 min Q & A post show

Bump In

8 hours

Bump Out

3 hours


Weekly Fee: $12,100 (max 12 performances)
Cost per performance: $6,050 (1 day buy-out, max 2 shows)
Remount: N/A
Royalties: 10%

Company Contacts

Susan Clarke
0433 882 012

Company Website



Venue Format

Proscenium Arch, Black Box, Thrust

Touring Party

3 cast + 1 production/tour manager = 4


Show Warnings: N/A

First possible performance: Morning of 2nd day

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage width: 8 metres

Minimum stage depth: 7 metres

Minimum stage height: 4.5 metres

Minimum wing space: 1.5 metres

Staging & set description: One riser on castors, 2600mm long x 1100mm wide x 900mm high. One door frame on top of riser, approx. 1800 wide x2400 high.One set of treads on casters, 1400mm long x 640mm wide x 680mm high. Hanging “leaves” made of cane and fabric.

Lighting provided by the company: SPPT supplies gel and gobos. Jands M1 console plus laptop, operated by tour manager.

Lighting to be provided by the venue: One front of house lighting bar, three overhead lighting bars. Approx. 30 lamps required, approx. 20 fresnels and 10 profiles.

Audio provided by the company: One front of house lighting bar, three overhead lighting bars. Approx. 30 lamps required, approx. 20 fresnels and 10 profiles. SPPT tours with an Apple PowerBook running Qlab.

Audio to be provided by the venue: CHANNEL LIST – 24 channels. SOUND CHANNEL LIST – One stereo channel, to USL and USR speakers. SOUND INPUT LIST – 2 x 6.5mm jack input, either as one stereo channel or two mono channels. SPEAKERS AND FOLDBACK – Preferably one speaker USL and one speaker USR, or system to suit the venue. Foldback is desirable but not necessary.

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: Front of house staff, x1 technician

Dressing rooms required: 1

Wardrobe requirements: Laundry facilities (washer, dryer and iron)