Mother of Compost

Participatory, joyful and tender, Mother of Compost invites audiences into creative and unexpected ways to create and nurture families in the climate crisis.

We live in an ecologically precarious time. Some of us don’t want to bring children into this world, others are worried their children won’t have a world to grow old into … but we’ve still got a lot of love to give. Mother of Compost invites audiences to rethink what it means to give birth and be birthed, in this gooey, camp and interactive subversion of family portraits, birthing classes, baby showers and evolutionary biology. It uses audience participation, live music and personal stories to ask audiences to rethink the monsters we’ve birthed and the creatures that birthed us in this ecologically precarious time we inhabit.

Form and Style

The show is a one-person show (main performer is Noemie Huttner-Koros) with live musical accompaniment from local main-stay Lyndon Blue (Methy-Ethel, Heathcote Blue). There are interactive elements at the beginning as audiences are invited into the space to help build the set and sound design, before taking their seats. Utilising storytelling, live original music, over-the-top camp dancing and AV design by Edwin Sitt, the show invites audiences to consider queer ideas of family-making and to leave the space feeling like a family.

Set design by Molly Werner

Community Engagement

Community engagement is really important both to my artistic practice and to the creative process of this work. While making it, we interviewed scientists at UWA’s School of Soil & Agriculture, as well as community-members about their experiences with parenthood and their fears for what the future will be like. Community engagement that is possible includes workshops that can cover: making art about climate change, theatre for social change, how to create change in communities through art (I started a group called Arts & Cultural Workers for Climate Action), theatre workshops for young people that utilise techniques from theatre of the oppressed and community organising principles. I can also run panel discussions with local community leaders that can run alongside the show. I am interested in hearing what initiatives people are doing in their own communities around youth empowerment, environmental rehabilitation, renewable energy projects, safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth, and platforming these.


“Working in a passionate frenzy breaking the fourth wall with composer Lyndon Blue as they produce live sounds that mould around the set almost psychedelically, Huttner-Koros breaks down theatre conventions like compost itself, creating a rich and thought-provoking piece. Mother of Compost is a pertinent and important work that everyone should see.” – Laura Money, Fourth Wall

“Like all the narrative strands of this work – variously autobiographical, queer, ancient, scientific – its relevance is personal and global, whimsical yet powerful…And she draws out a common thread that could be the start of a plan to save our kids. It’s a message that’s worth hearing and I highly recommend you do.” – Nina Levy, SeeSaw Mag

Audience testimonial

“Noemie, I love your show! Last night I decided it’s one of my mothers. It has nurtured me. Some of your lines will always live in my head like seeds that might grow into carob trees. Really good job making me feel nurtured instead of depressed. I wish everyone could see it. Thank you”

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The team is made up of experienced local independent artists and theatre-makers.

Mother of Compost is directed by Andrew Sutherland (Poorly Drawn Shark, small & cute oh no, A line could be crossed), who has created many successful productions that have toured nationally and internationally. The original production was produced and dramaturged by Sam Nerida (See You Next Tuesday) who has extensive experience across the performing arts. While they will not be continuing on for this remount, they have ensured that there is effective handover to the next producer. Noemie is an emerging artist who has, in a short space of time, created engaging and thought-provoking work with a wide range of collaborators (The Lion Never Sleeps) as well as significant experience in producing and administration (Creative Coordinator of KickstART Festival at Propel Youth Arts WA, as well as independent producer at the Blue Room for several productions). They are joined by set & costume designer Molly Werner, photographer & videographer Edwin Sitt, sound designer Lyndon Blue and stage manager Catherine O’Donoghue.


From June 2023


Theatre and Puppetry


LGBTQIA+ people, people who are concerned about climate change and the environment, farmers, parents, young people (ages 13+), grandparents


60 mins

Bump In

2 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


Remount Cost: $4,000
Weekly Fee: $4,500
Royalties: 2% TBC

Company Contacts

Noemie Huttner-Koros
0432 925 664

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Venue Format

Black box

Touring Party



Maximum performances a week: 7

Does this show require a remount? Yes

First Possible Performance: 2 hours after bump-in

Minimum Break Between Shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage dimensions: 6 metres long, 4 metres wide

Staging and Set Description: There are 5 bits of silk fabric hanging from the lighting rig, a compost tumbler centre stage and a table with musical equipment. Projection on back wall of theatre.

Lighting requirements: Basic theatre lighting

Audio requirements: Speakers, sub-woofer, microphone, mic stand

Other technical or performance notes: 1 tech