Mozart By Candlelight

Let us take you back in time for a magical evening of the music of Mozart surrounded by a wash of candlelight. A night of sublime music comprising core works of Mozart performed by some of Western Austrlia's leading classical musicians.

Perth Symphony Orchestra will perform their sell-out performance “Mozart by Candlelight” comprising core works of Mozart interspersed with other music that provides a reflection on Mozart and an accessible entry point to classical music. Performed by the Perth Symphony String section, this magical chamber-size orchestral concert will feature letters written by Mozart, and other narrated facts about his life, read by a local actor in each region bringing the man behind the music to life in an engaging way.

The concert was previously performed in St George’s Cathedral, but Perth Symphony has also performed “Steampunk Mozart” using a similar formula at Midland Railway Workshops. This remount will be produced by Bourby Webster, CEO and creative director of Perth Symphony, who has many years of experience producing critically acclaimed classical concerts.

The stage is lit by candles to evoke the time in when Mozart lived, and music was played by Candlelight, with the narrator seated on stage throughout. The repertoire, whilst strongly focused on Mozart, also includes music by Australia’s living Mozart (Elena Kats-Chernin). Featuring three core soloists from Perth Symphony – French Horn, Clarinet and Soprano, the concert aims to have wide appeal whilst retaining classical music at its core. We anticipate this program to be incredibly well-received following the standing ovations for our Baroque by Candlelight Regional Tour in 2019.
Form and Style:
In a venue illuminated mostly by candles and a fully narrated concert designed to appeal to the widest possible audience, the program includes popular favourites from the Mozart era as well as lesser-known works, to inspire the audience to explore more music of this era.
Local members of the community will be invited to provide the narration and tell stories of the composers, bringing the great masters to life, introducing each piece and providing rich stories behind the music.

Community and Audience Engagement:

When we visit a community we reach out to the local government staff and to local arts organisations to determine if there is some way in which we can partner with them. This may include local children acting as narrators or local radio announcers being the MC. If the tour is during school term we will always reach out to local schools to book interactive and fun incursions for local primary schools where we make sure we also promote the concert. Depending on the level of interest from the local government we can also provide community engagement activities that focus on more than just school children – gathering the community together for a “Sing With Us” workshop where we can workshop a well-known song with any community members who wish to attend, or a “Play With Us” workshop where community members can bring their instruments to jam with our musicians. These activities mean that community members meet our musicians and get a taste for our music, which makes them much more likely to attend a concert. Of course, these activities need to be accompanied by excellent marketing, which is addressed in a later section.

Available Marketing:

Media Kit – Professional poster and flyer artwork (print and digital), audio, media release, artist bios, set list, branding details, photos and video testimonials .


“It wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience” – Cut Common (Laura Biemmi)


“It’s not every day I walk into a cathedral thats brimming with electricity. Among the excitement of the audience filling St George’s cathedral to maximum capacity, electricity powers the soft, fire-free candles and the colourful lighting of the stage and walls.” – Cut Common (Laura Biemmi)



Available from August 2021


Live Music


Classical music that will satiate aficionados as well as those new to classical music. Short sets and longer intervals mean the concert is great to bring kids along to (8yr +) as well as music lovers of all ages (to 65+)


1.5 hours

Bump In

4 hours

Bump Out

2 hours


- Weekly Fee: $19,000 (includes 4 rehearsals that may be able to be reduced to 3)
- Remount: $25,000
- No royalties
*Above fees do not include touring costs

Company Contacts

Kate Schilling
0423 187 525

Company Website

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Venue Format

Anything except theatre in the round

Touring Party

16-8 (cast is 13-15 + crew)


First possible performance: 2 hours after bump in

Minimum break between shows: 2 hours

Minimum stage width: 8m

Minimum stage depth: 6m

Staging and Set Description: Candelabras with live flame, music stands

Lighting provided by the company: live candles in candelabras

Lighting to be provided by the venue: standard orchestral lighting – subtle colour washes

Audio provided by the company: Acoustic

Audio to be provided by the venue: PA system, speakers on stands, audio mixer (4 channels/2 sends), Reverb FX unit, 2 hand held mics

No. of additional staff to be provided by the venue: 1 x lighting, 1 x sound, 2-3 x FOH, Ushers, Box Office

Dressing Rooms Required: 2 + Greenroom

Other technical or performance notes: Nil – show can be amplified if venue is large (at cost to venue)