Friendship, Heartbreak and Vegemite - a story about growing up in rural WA

Mungbean is a coming-of-age Australian drama set in a rural town.

Inspired by writer Eloise and director Terence’s own upbringings in Denmark WA, Mungbean follows three friends growing up in a small country town. It’s the start of year ten and new kid on the block Mungbean wants nothing more than to fit in. Before long she stumbles across Moose and April’s turf and the three hit it off immediately. Bonding over a love of Vegemite, make-believe, school and trying beer for the first time these three are rarely seen apart. But friendships aren’t always easy when you live in a town that only has one main road, everyone knows everyone and that isn’t always a good thing, especially when it concerns April getting revenge on a bully…and now April’s being sent to a boarding school in the city and nothing will ever be the way it was again.


CircuitWest and the Producer will provide:

  • All the performances and engagement activities
  • All the technical equipment needed to present the show
  • Marketing materials for your venue
  • Travel and accommodation for the tour party
  • An experienced Tour Manager to support this tour


You will need to:

  • Pay a subsidised presenter fee plus any royalties or licence costs
  • Provide an appropriate venue for the shows and engagement activities
  • Ensure adequate power is available
  • Meet and greet the tour party when it arrives
  • Arrange local marketing and ticket sales (with support from CircuitWest)


Available from April 2022 onwards


Theatre and Puppetry




50 minutes



Royalties for this production are 10%

Tour Party: 5
Surface: flat / solid / stage
Power: 32a
Structure: enclosed / roof
Audience: seated

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