*This work is currently in development

WHAT do you want to talk about?

Partnerships and processes in creating bespoke mulit-artform work for regional communities, that can be created FAST.


WHY do you want to talk about it?

Nimble will operate on a micro commissioning basis- in which presenters seek out Nimble to create a bespoke performing arts project for their community, that fills a hole in their programming. We are seeking feedback on the process, and early support to further develop the concept. After positive initial creative developments during PLWA’s Creative Hub, we are ready for next step development to test our processes and product.


What is your driving force in creating this work?

Working as a Creative Producer, I am exploring new methods of creating work that is quick response, innovative, and shows artistic rigour.

With familiar show development processes hugely disrupted by Covid-19 (and exacerbated by continued funding cuts), the way we make work must change. Audience needs are in constant flux, and traditional pathways to presentation are gone. We hear the need for bespoke work, and we hear the need for the work to be created on a tight budget (without sacrificing excellence, depth or connection). And as creatives, we need to find new ways of creating exciting work to sharpen our skills, enrich our networks, and retain a livelihood.

So; what happens when you put a dancer, an actor, a musician and a visual artist in a room, all with equal billing? And ask them to make a show as fast as they can? With the right team, can we find a method to create nimble work when there is immediate need? Work that is unique and excellent?

Great gold can come of this.

My shows often explore multiple artforms and themes of connection, and work with a variety of collaborators for a range of presentation outcomes. I want to do this for all-ages audiences, and I want to be fast.


Are you looking to engage in particular regional areas?

We would love to engage with presenters near Perth in the first instance, to enable our budget to stretch as far as possible in this development phase. Harvey and Bunbury, in particular, are ideal. However, we’d love to chat with regional presenters from across WA to gain more insight into their needs and feedback on how Nimble could work with them.


Is what you want to discuss time-sensitive, or does it have a date for commencement or completion?

Nope! It’s a new way of working with zero time constraints. But we’d like to complete another creative development soon.


What do you see as the next steps?

A week long creative development, consisting of one-two days in a community, gathering source material, and three- four days in studio in Perth, putting together a draft version of a final product. We need to field test our hypotheses and processes developed and discovered in the initial stages of exploration.


What do you hope this project will achieve, and how will you know if it has been a success?

We hope this project will assist presenters in accessing the work their communities need, in a timely and fun way. We hope this project will employ an ensemble of excellent WA artists to continue exploring great ways of making multi-art form work. We evaluate via feedback from presenters and peers at the start and end of process, the latter in an informal show and tell session with structured question and answer component. Reflective practice in the room, with regular check-ins to assess efficacy of process. Critical evaluation of process by artists at the end of the process for efficiency, artistic integrity, quality of product and enjoyment of process. Levels of engagement at a community level, both quantitative and qualitative.


Tell us about any supporting materials that will help illustrate the work.

We’d love a chat around a table.

Attached: team biographies, previous show history


Tell us about the skills and experience of the people involved

Like a casino heist, we need a team of niche skills… Matt Edgerton- astute eye for directing live performance Sam Longley- actor with improvisation, all ages touring, and mainstage performance theatre chops Yvan Karlsson- dancer wunderkid, with a cross platform stretch belying his years Tarryn Gill- visual artist of international repute including sculpture & installation Gracie Smith- sought after percussionist with multiple WAM Awards & international tours under her belt As creative producer, Libby Klysz brings 20 years of working in theatre, dance, comedy & education; an understanding of the ecology: independent, funded & commercial projects. She works in artistic direction, performance, tour coordination, community engagement & advocacy, and has proven ability to bring together teams that span skills & experience. Team biographies attached.





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